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Flip Potty Trainers are a unique pull-up, pull-down, snap-off, one-size potty training system made with replaceable one-size pads. We recommend using two Flip organic cotton inserts or a Flip disposable insert with the Flip organic cotton potty training pad for overnight. Flip one-size waterproof shell with removable stretchy side panels creates a comfortable fit, while the replaceable organic cotton pads let your little one learn by feeling wetness. It is narrower and trimmer than a regular diaper cover, so you won't be able to add a doubler to it if you use it with prefolds. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Blueberry training pants are designed to feel like real underwear for those who are potty training. With an inner lining made with cotton velour, a hidden layer of super-absorbent microterry and PUL, these training pants will do the job of catching small accidents during the day.
Blueberry trainers are only partially waterproof and not recommended for use overnight or for naps. My son is small for his age and these may not last him too much longer, wish they came in a larger size.
I've used Blueberry trainers for two children, and they are my favorite for at home potty training!
The outer shell is made of PUL and has detachable tabs made of the same stretchy material we use for the tabs on all Flip and bumGenius products.

However, I feel like these are so much like my daughter's flip diapers that she is having a hard time transitioning to potty training (feeling like she can just "go" in these) even with constant reminders that these are pull-ups, not her diapers.
We were using disposables but when her wetting overflowed those there was no reason not to use cloth (which she was leaking through beforehand). Now your child can pull them up and down when it’s time to go, or you can unsnap the side, making messy changes less messy. That means that it is not realistic to expect this to work as a full-blown diaper or overnight diaper. It is thin, very soft and very trim and it is held in place with soft hook and loop attachments. Prefolds are bulkier and they don't have the loop on them but they seem to stay in place well enough. The weight recommendation starts at 20 pounds but depending on shape you may be able to use this sooner.
The replaceable one-size soakers are made of six layers of organic cotton jersey (the same fabric used to make Flip organic cotton inserts). I haven't tried any other trainers yet since we are just beginning to potty train (20 months old) but feel that I would like to see what other companies have to offer. You can use the velcro-style organic cotton pads that come with the kit or you can put a prefold or flat diaper in it.
He's been wearing the trainer for the last couple of weeks and we have been able to back off the reminders, knowing that if he wets his pants, it's his problem and not the sofa's.

You'll see some negative reviews if you look around online, but that is because the revievers had very unrealistic expectations and did not understand cotton diapering and the need to have a lot of absorbency to make it overnight.
Stretchy sides are comfy and the flaps and trimness helps keep most of the exposed PUL inside hidden. It's also nice for EC (elimination communication) because it pulls up and down, but will still work for carseat protection. When I see the signs she's had an accident, I usually get about 3 minutes to get her to the bathroom before it starts leaking through.
I have had customers tell me that they do work overnight but needs vary so know your child's needs. I think it might work overnight for a very light wetter if you added extra absorbency, so I don't recommend it for overnight. You can change out the cotton pad inside and re-use the waterproof outer if the child pees in it instead of the potty. Contrary to other reviews, I found the sizing a little big - but my daughter is only 35% on the growth charts.

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