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When natural disasters like a earthquake strikes, when you are hospitalized with limited mobility, when you are in a picnic with no restroom nearby, imagine when you are out in the middle of the lake fishing and all of sudden, how you’d wish that an “invisible” restroom shows up right there when you need it the most!
Portable Magic Toilet is light-weight with 150KG weight limit and easily stored in the trunk or under the car seat. This Portable Magic Toilet the ideal solution for happy campers or for those who like to travel long distances.

Made of out of sturdy plastic with the widely known shape of a normal toilet that everyone will be accustomed to and comfortable using.
Comes with magic powder to control odours and even disposable plastic bag to contain all the contents! The Magic Toilet makes great sense for travellers, hikers, campers to fit into backpacks and even for the boot of your car for "just in case".

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