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The University’s first official art gallery seeks to expand our understanding of diverse range of aesthetic and human experiences articulated by artists of color and exceptional visionaries.
Its a newly constructed Five Floor Commercial complex with Built-up Area 2300 Sft excellent commercial space that perfectly suitable for all type of showrooms, banks and offices. DENVER (Reuters) – Astronaut Scott Carpenter, who in 1962 became the fourth American in space and the second to orbit the Earth, died on Thursday in Colorado at age 88 of complications from a stroke, his wife Patty Carpenter said. Carpenter, who lost radio contact with NASA controllers during his pioneering space flight and was found in the ocean 250 miles from the targeted splashdown site, went on to explore the ocean floor in later years.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration chose Carpenter and six other pilots to be astronauts in 1959 for the Mercury space program as the United States entered its space race with the Soviet Union.
Later that year, Carpenter made his only spaceflight, taking the Aurora 7 spacecraft on three laps around Earth on May 24, a few weeks after his 37th birthday. The other Mercury astronauts had piloted fighter jets during the Korean War, but Carpenter mostly flew surveillance in multi-engine propeller planes.
Despite his fame as an astronaut, Carpenter spent considerably more time on the ocean floor than he did in outer space. Born in Boulder, Colorado, he split his time between Vail, Colorado, and West Palm Beach, Florida, Patty Carpenter said.
After Carpenter fired the retrorockets to power his return, NASA controllers lost radio contact and feared a tragedy.

Aerial search teams eventually spotted Carpenter and the bobbing Mercury capsule – doing fine despite having ended up about 250 miles off the splashdown target in the Atlantic.
Suzanne Schirra, daughter of fellow Mercury astronaut Wally Schirra, who died in 2007, paid tribute on Thursday to the qualities shared by Carpenter and his colleagues on the program.
Carpenter became the first American to eat solid food in space, a breakthrough since scientists were not sure how the digestive process would work in zero gravity.
Since so little was known about spaceflight at the time, Carpenter’s mission included relatively simple jobs such as releasing signal balloons, photographing clouds and observing flares fired from Earth. Carpenter badly injured his left arm in a 1964 motorcycle accident, leaving the limb with limited range, which ruled him out of future spaceflights. He returned to NASA two years after his SEALAB mission and helped design the Apollo program’s lunar module that landed on the moon in 1969. Carpenter’s love of the ocean led to work with renowned French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, whom Carpenter considered a hero.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. The flight of less than five hours made him the second American to orbit Earth, and the experience stayed with him until the end of his life.
In 1965, the astronaut became an aquanaut as part of the Navy’s SEALAB II project, spending 30 days living and working at a depth of 204 feet off the California coast.

He was an experienced diver and during his time in SEALAB, part of the Navy’s underwater habitat program, he helped test tools, salvage methods and use of a dolphin to transport supplies from the surface to the lab.
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John Glenn (L) at a 40th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 mission and the walk on the moon while on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. He told mission control it tasted fine but left crumbs floating throughout his space capsule. In 1962, Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth, and Carpenter was his backup on that mission.

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