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Barbie dreams that she has been invited to the Fantasy Ball, but in her dream she has nothing nice to wear.
In Mall World, Barbie goes on a shopping spree for Barbie coins that she uses at the wishing fountain to acquire an exquisite pink ball gown. The game takes place in a dream where Barbie must travel through three different worlds (Mall, Underwater and Soda Shop) to gather accessories before attending a ball to meet Ken.
She travels to three different worlds to gather accessories for the big night and a chance with Ken.
In Underwater World, Mermaid Barbie and a few helpful dolphins search for pearls that Barbie returns to a giant oyster in exchange for an elegant pearl ring.

Along the way she meets a veritable menagerie of animal friends and searches to find Dream-Ups, Glamor Items, and Charms for her bracelet that will help her along her way.
Finally, in the 1950s-style Soda Shop Barbie must collect gold records that she uses to make a stairway into the sky to collect the last accessory, a charming pair of sparkly high heels.
Barbie can also request help from animals by selecting one of the charms on her charm bracelet to signal what sort of action the animal should perform. Barbie returns to the Barbie Dream House to get ready for the Fantasy Ball, and as she descends the stairs wearing all of her accessories, a dapper Ken awaits to dance with her.
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Enemies are all normally inanimate objects like tennis rackets, kites, shoes, pizza, water, popcorn, etc. At the end of each section a boss battle occurs with the boss usually being overcome with the help of an animal.

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