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If mother to be is expecting a baby girl and you are keeping no particular theme then you are free to play any games that you like.
A baby girl themed version of this classic game of bingo with a cute baby girl image in free space box.
Whether your baby shower theme is jungle theme, zoo or safari theme you can use all the games that I have given on this page. Click on the image on the left to get the jungle themed version of this classic baby shower game. We have prepared lots of free printable baby shower games, and on this page, you will find our Baby Shower Word Scramble game. Game Mechanics: Your guests will definitely have fun to unscramble these baby shower words. If you want to build your own unscramble game that will be perfect for your baby shower party, just pick some words that reminds you of the mommy to be, pregnancy, babies and baby showers.
One of the reasons co-ed baby shower games are needed is that more dads-to-be are participating in the events, and they want to bring along some of their friends. You can play this in several ways but guests have to complete the familiar nursery rhymes by adding in verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Baby Jeopardy works like the famous game show except with baby and parent related categoriesthat both sexes should be able to tackle. If you need an icebreaker that also gets men’s competitive spirits fired up then Baby Outburst might be a good choice.
Adding baby shower games for men is only the first step in making guys welcome at the shower. For more creative ideas that perfect for the battles of the sexes, check out our collection of printable games that you can pin the guys against the girls! If you're really serious about planning a baby shower like a pro, do come back often as I'm updating this site weekly.

This adorable theme lends itself well to baby boys or girls, which makes it a hoot even if the baby's gender is a surprise.
Here are more unique and valuable information that can help you throw a perfect baby shower.
You can also use games given on this page or can visit my website here for free printable games.
Your baby shower party guests will have to find all the baby animals given in this game within an assigned time that can be 5 or ten minutes. Print this game according to the number of your baby shower party guests and distribute it among them along with pens or pencils. We suggest singling out words that are quite long, has a complex spelling, and preferably, something uncommon.
Our theme-based and free printable baby shower games and activities can be found with our other baby shower theme ideas.
It is one of the traditional baby shower games, and though they won’t be called very exciting, we feel that your guests will find them a comfort to play, which will make it possible for them to gossip with the new mommy and other friends at the same time, which is definitely not a bad thing.
With both parents at the shower, games involving both of them can be a great way to keep them entertained while also meeting the needs of guests from both genders.
To make things fair, divide up the guests into those who know the mom best and the dad best then you’ll end up with a winner from each group.
You can either have both men and women answer the Dolls sheet (to give the guys a confidence boost) or challenge both genders by having the guys answers the questions written for a female audience. With the following games, you could break up the guests into team for the competition or have a men versus women arrangement to make things more interesting. Twenty-five different categories are available so you can have plenty of question and answer choices. And don't forget to visit my site blog often for regularly updated baby shower ideas, news and information.

Once you have a list of words, you can manually scramble your chosen words, or you can choose one of the many sites that offers said service around the net, and you’re on your way to building your personalized baby shower game!
Majority of said games require some preparation on your part, which can vary from the baby items needed for a memory game to art materials on one of the activities that require your guests’ creative juices. Of course, there’s really no rule which says you only have to go one way (active games) or the other (traditional game). Guests receive a sheet of trivia questions about the parents (one set of questions for the mom and another for the dad).
The mom-to-be and dad-to-be get the same sheets and they have to complete the phrases by adding in words. The guests of honor go through the list and decide which traits they want the baby to receive from each of them. The Guys & Dolls game is a favorite of men because it lets them show off what they know, especially if you only use the Dolls game sheet. They may require more time and attention than the game on this page, but we’re pretty sure your guests will find them different and more enjoyable as well.
The guests compete by completing the phrases the way they think the new parents will complete them. You could have guests complete both the Mommy and the Daddy phrases or ask the male guests to complete the sheets for the future mom and vice versa.
You might even be surprised by how popular those same games are with the female guests, too.

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