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And get weekly emails with monthly freebies by signing up for the Lil’ Luna newsletter. Here is another very interesting free printable baby shower game that is called the price is right.
How to Play: Give each of the baby shower party guest a printed game card along with a pen or pencil. Here is free printable game card for the game price is right in pink color that you can use in your girl baby shower party. As I have made one printable for all the games in such a color that is gender neutral here is free printable for the game price is right in green color. From recipes and tips to crafts and DIY projects, Kristyn loves to share with her readers how to be creative and how to do things simply.

I just printed these up for a baby shower this weekend that I'm helping with–thank you! I came across this kind of plank and I realize its seriously helpful & it helped me out and about a good deal. I have prepared printables for this game in three colors, blue for boy baby shower , pink for girl baby shower and green if you do not know or do not want to disclose gender of the baby. Ask them to guess the price of the baby shower items and write those in the space given in front of item's name.
You can also use this on both boy and girl baby shower parties if it gets along with your baby shower party theme more. I am hoping to offer the one thing just as before plus guide other folks such as you forced me to be.

This game wont be absolutely free for you as you will have to shop for all the items mentioned on this game card but you can give these items to mom-to-be and she will greatly appreciate it. Right click and save that image to your computer so you can print it later for your baby shower party. So before playing this game purchase all the items mentioned on the game card and keep their receipts safe with you.

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