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The two were married on April 23, 2005, in Chesapeake, Virginia, according to the filing, and identify Joyelle, Johnathan and Gabby as their three children. While living with her coach in Iowa, she would wake up and rush to her computer and try to contact him on Skype. Family: Sister Arielle Hawkins, left, said that Gabby, center, considered quitting gymnastics because of the stress she felt not knowing if her father was safe.

The family struggled to pay for her training, with Ms Hawkins alone in their Virginia Beach home. Triumph: Thanks to her gold, Gabrielle Douglas will appear on special Olympics cereal boxes. But Gabby's two older sisters lobbied on her behalf, giving their mother a list of reasons why Gabby should be allowed to go.

He is currently enrolled in college with an undecided major.The MailOnline can reveal that the couple initially separated in on July 2, 2007, according to the divorce filings that Ms Hawkins submitted in October 2009.

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