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Have fun playing some of the best online games ever created and remember to check back often because we are always adding new and even better games. As online gaming becomes more popular day after day, different and diverse genres are making their entry into the virtual world; one of them being girl games that are especially designed for girl gamers.
This horse riding game takes you into the world of horses and horse racing where you can manage your very own stable. Celebrity life sim ‘Star Girl’ launched on iOS with fabulous limited-time promos!

See if you have what it takes to be a star with our new app, Star Girl<linked to itunes page>!
Discover all the charm of equitation in this horse game: lots of horse races to train for, as well as the most well-known equestrian shows (dressage, polo matches, etc) and many more possibilities.
You will find everything that gives horse riding its charm, including lots of horse breeds to train and all the famous equestrian competitions: trotting or galloping races, dressage contests, polo or horse-ball matches.
Now available on Appleā€™s iTunes, Star Girl is a game about the ups and downs of a budding new celebrity making her way to the top of high society.

From hard work, including singing, acting, and modeling gigs, to more leisurely activities such as romantic dates and a glitzy social life, when you play Star Girl only the sky is the limit! Then you can continually improve your favorite horse breeds by choosing yourself the best stallions and mares to produce the best foals for the future of the breed.

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