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You are playing Barbie Victorian Wedding a free online Dress Up flash arcade game for Boys,Girls and kids of all ages that can be played full screen for free with no download required. Remember to check out the rest of our fun arcade games collection which can be played full screen with no registration.
Everything is perfect for the wedding and Barbie looks absolutely gorgeous, ready to walk down the aisle! But, one of Ken's old girlfriends, wanted her revenge and so threw her cat on Barbie's face and now Barbie is all scratched up, her hairstyle and dress totally ruined!

Can you restore Barbie to her previous look and have her ready for her wedding that is starting any minute now?
First, use a cotton ball with antiseptic to clean the cat's scratches from her face and hands, then apply a concealer to cover the marks and wipe the ruined makeup from her face. Apply eye drops on her eyes to remove the redness and now you're ready to apply a fresh makeup on her face, comb her hair and style them to make them look fabulous as before.
Now, you move on to her dress, use a clean cloth to remove the dirt and stains and use a drier to dry the wet spots, take a needle and thread and sew the torn pieces of the dress and the veil too.

Have an amazing time playing this awesome free online flash Barbie makeover & make up game for girls!

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