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Barbie in the game quite a bit of games; athletes barbie girl can dress as you like according to your taste. When you stack up Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp to award-winning games, it doesn't do so well. The game is real short, but there are plenty of collectables to nab scattered throughout the island. I've had to review several stinkers during my tenure here and when the IGN big wigs told me that I would be reviewing Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp, I admittedly sighed. This adds to a pretty, surreal experience that is more than enough to satiate the needs of little girls.
I'm not sure what that has to do with me reviewing the game, but all I know is that upon booting up Riding Camp, I was pleasantly surprised by how decent this game was.
It's not a great game by any means, but it's definitely not a terrible purchase for young, little girls. Your riding camp is situated on an island that was recently hit by a harsh storm, but you wouldn't guess it from roaming around the good-sized landscape.

Throughout your journey as the famed blonde bombshell, you'll encounter several non-playable characters that have various missions for you.
All of these missions are highlighted on your handy dandy map, which is located on your cell phone. Little boys will ask you to find their lost toys, or women may need you to help them fix the local race track. As you play the game, you will realize that your cell phone is rather helpful, in addition to the helpful map that it provides, it allows you to make calls to be transported back to the center of town. In addition, your mission objectives, notes, and options are all creatively implemented into the mobile device.
In addition, the controls are made a little more unintuitive because you don't hold down a button to move.
After a while, you'll get used to it, but it is a bit unconventional as far as racing games go. The races require you to beat them under a time limit, but even then, you'll have more than enough time to spare.

Riding Camp typically gives you 10 minutes to finish races, but most of them can be finished in a quarter of that time. Couple this with the fact that the game is short (it will probably take kids four to six hours to beat) and you're getting a little less bang for your buck than you should. You typically collect nearby objects strewn about the forest and occasionally tackle a timed race and repeat. In addition, while journeying across the island, your horse will often run into trees or rocks and the like.
Once that happens, your horse gets startled and it can take a handful of seconds to reorient yourself.

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