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No matter how bombproof your horse is, always protect your head with certified equestrian headgear.
These BEAUTIFUL Horses Are The Latest On Jorvik And Can Be Found Right Now At The Jorvik Stables Arena But The Fair That These Horses Are At,Travel Allot So Get Em Quick. Like I said in the past, all the tutorials that I am putting up are requests from members so you have to tolerate the lessons until you see yours. You will start drawing out the shape of the head and face of the horse which includes the muzzle and mouth. Clean up the rough lines you’ve just done by making it the perfect shape for his body outline.
Now you will start to draw little details on his body, such as eyebrows and hair lines and nipples.

Finally, finish the drawing by drawing the shade lines for his muscles to make him look strong and powerful. If your horse is out of shape work, with it daily for at least 30 minutes until you notice an improvement.
If your horse kicks or bites, use a ribbon on its tail as a warning to others to keep their distance. Next draw out the shapes of the cartoon horses legs as you see here and then move to the next step. Bring the proper safety gear in your saddlebags including; a cell phone, GPS, emergency food, safety whistle, fire starter and extra rope. Anyway, for my ninth tutorial I will be showing you “how to draw a cartoon horse”, step by step.

Set up a small obstacle course with trail obstacles so that your horse becomes familiar with different things that you may come upon on the trail.
I guess you could say that these easy learn how to draw tutorials, make drawing and coloring some of your favorite characters, animals, and objects the funnest part about finishing a lesson.
You can color your horse brown, black, white, tan, or color it like an appaloosa horse, it’s your choice.

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