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Beginning Monday, June 10, PACN will host a parenting class for singles and couples with children ages birth – six years old. Space is limited and registration is required, so call The Woodlands center today to snag your spot – 281-367-1518.
From March until June, FREE parenting classes will be held in various communities across Lambton County. Public health nurses from the County of Lambton Child Health and Dental Services Department will offer a variety of day and evening programs for parents. Free parenting classes are offered, year round, at Project Self-Sufficiency's main campus, and at schools, social service organizations, and other locations throughout the community by request.

Learn the different stages of physical and emotional development during all phases of childhood and adolescence, as well as techniques for positive discipline and improved communication.
Each class covers a different topic and provides pointers for a specific age group of children. For instance, there are courses available for teaching defiant toddlers how to be respectful.
They can also teach mothers and fathers how to choose the right caregivers for their children.
After listening to them and empathizing with their needs and desires, use discretion when giving them guidelines.

Be a good role model for your children, and model the principles you want them to learn and display.

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