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April 14, 2015 By Ben Butler 9 Comments Sharing Is Caring173061300Puppy training can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. Pet Expertise: Basic Training for the Family Dog is a wonderful resource for both adult and puppy training tips. Although Dog Training Made Easy is more of a companion guide for those who purchased a Pro-Training Clicker, it’s still a great resource for puppy training tips.
Last, but not least on my list of free guides that offer puppy training tips is The Housebreaking Bible. That magical time in your dog’s life when you both love and hate it in equal measure.
In fact, this covers the full spectrum of puppy and dog training tips and tricks for anyone who wants to click train.

While these are focused primarily on Pitbully puppies, they are generally true for all dogs. This makes the list, because there’s no more potential for mess than housebreaking your new pooch. A friend of mine fosters pets and will occasionally have that many at her home, but she lives on a ranch with lots of space.
To help you even more, I’ve compiled a list of free puppy training guides that are filled to capacity with great  puppy training tips on everything from house breaking to jumping up.
It breaks down every element of housebreaking into easy to read, easy to understand sections, so it’s perfect for a beginner. I’ve been around the block a few times, and even I get excited when I find new resources for puppy training tips.

Take a look at these free puppy and dog training guides that are full of useful puppy training tips for the seasoned dog owner and new puppy parent alike. The books on this list cover almost everything you’ll ever need to know for puppy and adult dog training, and they’re are filled to the brim with puppy training tips, the tips we need the most!

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