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You will need a small cloth bag or pillow case and some Easter eggs, if you do not have Easter eggs you can use plastic mega blocks. Now you will need to place colored plastic Easter eggs into a small cloth bag or pillow case, make sure the eggs match the same color as the paper plates you're using. Teacher will need to print out two sets of the egg puzzle letter cards onto card stock paper. If you have more than three toddlers in your group you may want to print ot two sets to use, or just remove the three eggs as the card fills up and replace them back into the cloth bag and repeat until everyone has had a turn. Teacher will need to help the children as needed, to place the eggs by letter onto the correct letter egg. You will need to attach Velcro dots onto the backs of each egg shape card and onto the front of each egg picture on the game board. Teacher will need to cut out some squares of contact paper about the size of a piece of construction paper. Now hide a lot of Easter egg around the room, in plain sight, and have the children help you find the eggs and then show them how to stick the eggs they find onto the contact paper. You will receive the entire year of curriculum which includes all 12 months of the preschool curriculum or the toddler curriculum on sale for $150.00 as an instant down load, you will have instant access to all 12 months.
View Monthly Curriculum View some of the items that you will receive for each month of curriculum that you purchase. View Daily Lesson Plans Examples You will receive four weeks of lesson plans for each month that you purchase. My theme based curriculum consist of four weeks of themed lesson plans per month to down load or purchase on a CD. Kids love using my program, parents love seeing their children exploring and learning, and you will love how easy the curriculum is to use! View our sales - we also offer a discount on our curriculum when purchasing two to three months at a time, six months at a time, or by the year. On the download page you will find the printable pages and print out today’s picture. As you show the picture to children, talk about the picture, tell the children about the picture.
Refer to the language development section below for a few suggestions on things to talk about with toddlers about the picture, the language development will give you suggestion on things to talk about or it will show an activity, rhyme or story and then continue talking to the children about the picture, using your own words. Play the music softly throughout the day in the background and it would be nice to play it quietly during naptime also to help the children settle down to go to sleep and keep them sleeping with a soft back ground noise. Print outs: Do not give the toddlers the print outs, unless they have been completely covered with clear packaging tape or clear contact paper to make them durable and if they start to wear, replace them. Please note: Sing the song above with the children and act out the movements in the song with the children. Show the children the yellow blocks and point out that they are the same color as the yellow bus.
Provide the children with some sturdy plastic cups, such as yogurt or pudding cups, sturdy plastic fruit cups, study plastic tumbler cups, or the covers to liquid soap containers (thoroughly washed out) or the covers to spray paint cans (washed out) and some yellow mega blocks.
Show the toddlers how they can pour the blocks from one cup to another, how they can turn a larger plastic container upside down and place a smaller container on top, how they can learn how to put the smaller cup inside the larger cup, or stack the same size cups together.
Safety Note: Make sure all the materials they are using are too large to chock on, always check with a choke tube, most items should be at least 1 inch wide by 2 inches long. Give the children a large sheet of white card stock paper and have the children paint with the color "Yellow" same color as the yellow bus! Please Note: You may need to tape their paper to the table, as young toddlers do not know how to hold their paper down when coloring, gluing, and painting, etc.
Directions: You will need one egg carton per child and some toilet paper rolls, for each per child. Safety Note: When they tire of this activity put the egg carton and toilet paper rolls away.

You will a large box and you may want to weigh the boxes down by placing some books inside, so the box won't slide across the floor. Optional – you may want to paint the box yellow and then put a strip of clear contact paper around the top part of box so the color of the box shows through. Then teacher will cut a few holes into the top of each of the boxes for the children to be able to drop the blocks into the box and then teacher will cut a large hole in the bottom of the box for the children to remove the blocks. Teacher will show the children how to pick up the blocks and how to drop them into the holes in the box. Talk to the children about what they are doing such as, Sammy you found a yellow block, look the box is the same color, it is yellow too, can you put the block in this hole? Safety Note: Make sure the blocks are not too small that those pose a choking hazard, try to place them into a choking tube and make sure they are too large to fit inside it. Please Note: Young toddlers enjoy being read to and thrive and learn from listening to stories, songs, poetry and nursery rhymes. Some of our activities require you to print out files while some of our other activities will have you making the "hands on" learning activities from household items such as water bottles, egg cartons, kleenex boxes or purchase some items from walmart such as glue gun, fake fur, cardstock paper, contact paper, clear packing tape to make the fun learning games and activities for the different months that are purchased!
We provide songs, poems and cute simple stories in our curriculum, shown above is the "Red Bird Book" which is from our November curriculum. This is one of the activities included in the December Curriculum Also included is a fun finger puppet rhyme that toddlers will hear while using their "New Finger Puppets" Younger toddlers like to stick their fingers in and out of holes, and will have fun checking out the holes in the bottom of the snowman. This activity will help to teach the younger toddlers how to place the bottles in and out of the can, and it makes a simple puzzle for the older toddlers to put the "correct bottle into the correct can". Kids love using our program, parents love seeing their children exploring and learning, and you will love how easy the curriculum is to use! Our toddler curriculum was designed to introduce toddlers to a variety of play materials where they can learn and grow and discover the world around them. Preschool lesson plan tying & lacing tennis shoes, Tennis shoes allow young children to comfortably walk, run, and play. How create curriculum web lesson plans , How to create a curriculum web with lesson plans for preschoolers. Free lesson plans themes - prek-8, Free lesson plans themes free printable lesson plan template lessons planning preschool, kindergarten, primary school.
Wdw prep school • toddler-centered disney world trip plan, (article updated: 20, 2016) favorite disney world trip focused () toddler son. Create effective lesson plans toddlers - slideshare, Create effective lesson plans for toddlers 1. Compare evaluate child care curriculum programs , Compare and evaluate child care curriculum programs and packages. Preschool lesson plans - preschool corner - preschool, Our preschool lesson plans perfect for daycare centers, child care providers and preschool at home. Younger toddler curriculum, toddler activities, fun, Our younger toddler curriculum sold month broken weekly themes. 1000+ ideas toddler lesson plans pinterest, Water lesson plan for toddlers: art, science, math, sensory, life skills and more!
Pre weekly lesson plan sample template - sas, The following lesson plan incorporates the key components of a quality lesson plan into a weekly model. Lesson plans toddlers - learning fun, Developing toddler lesson plan doesn’ difficult , ? Create effective lesson plans toddlers - slideshare, Create effective lesson plans toddlers 1. You will need one paper plate per color used, you will want to use three paper plates if you have a lot of younger toddlers and if you have a lot of older toddlers you may want to use more colors and use up to about six paper plates.
One card will be the game board, do not cut this one and the other card will be the game cards, teacher will cut out the three eggs from this board.
Have the children take turns pulling out an egg and matching the letter on the egg to the egg on the game board.

Tape the contact paper squares around the room; such as on the doors, top of the table, even onto the floor. They can walk on the contact paper on the floor for a great sensory experience; their feet will stick to the contact paper slightly. For each month that you purchase, you will receive four weekly lessons to down load, four calendars - one for each weekly theme to down load, four posters - one for each weekly theme to down load, PLUS all the printable pages for the month of curriculum that you purchase, as an instant down load for $15.00 or on a CD for $25.00!
Order with a credit card and right after payment is made, you can start down loading the curriculum for the month that you purchase. Talking to the toddlers is a good way for them to get started on using their own language skills.
After you sing the song tape the airplanes to the wall so the children can view them throughout the day.
Print out the small children file and cut out the children and place them onto the toilet paper rolls and then completely cover the toilet paper roll with clear packaging tape, the more tape the sturdier it will be.
Teacher will show them how to stick the blocks on the outside of the box onto the clear contact paper. Teacher will print out the story and follow instructions in the daily lesson plans for making the book. Teacher will print out the Farmer, Bunny and carrots and recite the cute poem to the toddlers while showing them the print outs that goes along with the poem.
This is such a fun activity for the toddlers, they will learn about veggies through some new songs, rhymes and stories along with doing some fun activities; as shown above. Some materials that may need to purchased can easily be found at Wal-Mart such as paper, felt, hot glue, packing tape, contact paper, etc.
Order with a credit card and right after payment is made, you can start downloading the curriculum for the month that you purchase. After you have cut out the circles you will need to tape or glue the circle onto the center of the paper plates. If you have toddlers that put the paint brush into their mouths you may want to have them finger paint instead. Turn the egg carton upside down so the egg cups are sticking up in the air, this is the bus, have the toddlers place the kids into the bus by placing the toilet paper rolls onto the egg cups. The book above will help to teach the children their colors through some cute pictures plus it also offers a felt flap (sensory) on some of the pages for them to lift up to view the pictures. We decided to use some of these "types of items" in our curriculum and to turn them into "learning activities" this way they are playing with the items and learning with them too!
You will also be able to down load four activity calendars per month and four weekly themes posters per month, which will print out regular paper size.
You should provide the toddlers with toddler safe brushes; the kind that is short and chubby works best for toddlers to paint with. We also include a paint recipe that is a safe aternative to "real paint" that the toddlers can paint with that won't hurt them if they "taste it". Then have the children place the eggs and mama bird into the nest, they made yesterday at art project time.
Provide them with a small container of paint and a brush, if they are having a hard time then just put a glob of paint in the middle of their picture and show them how to take the brush and swish it through the paint or how to finger paint in the paint.
To place your order over the phone call 1-800-591-4135 or click here to place an offline order by phone, fax or mail. To place your order over the phone call 1-800-591-4135 or click here to place an offline order by phone, fax or mail.

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