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Throw Olaf is a brand new game featuring the most beloved character from the cartoon disneya€™s Frozen.
In Frozen Games you dona€™t need any kind of complicated combination of keyboard strikes to complete very short and simple movement.
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Afterward, grab a white plate or white poster board and sprinkle white powdered sugar around it and place the snowmen for display! Take it a step further by bringing out the Legos to create their own city or neighborhood they can build around their snowmen.

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Just follow the title, try to use the mouse correctly, throw and get the highest scores for your activities online. This would also be a great party favor for those Frozen inspired parties or even turn it into a creative game! I would start with removing the contents from the plastic bag and encourage kids to create their snowmen on top of the plastic bag (trust me, it’s easier and quicker to clean up this way).

Be careful to measure the direction and hardness, otherwise, you might fail from the beginning.

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