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So apparently everyone is mad for two reasons Anna looks just like Rapunzel and it lacks disney diversity.
I think she shares some traits with Rapunzel but I don't think she's identical, besides this is still concept art. I dont see Ariel in her at all, and I never saw Ariel in Rapunzel except some of the things she did. But because I like Rapunzel's movie I grew to ignore the title, and call it Rapunzel anyway. Wallpaper and background images in the Disney Princess club tagged: disney princess anna frozen.

I think, Arurora and Pocahontas are the only Princesses which were drawn purposely against the corporate style of the comapany. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Frozen-Princess Elsa and Anna club tagged: photo. When you think of Rapunzel you think of really really long blonde hair, like she had for 90% of the movie. I find German people look an awful lot like Nordics so wouldn’t you expect them to look like each other?
Ariel would have had to cut out her tongue, stab Eric or die, her feet would have either bled, or felt like knives, etc.

I was on Walt Disney confessions on tumblr and I swear every single one of those was complaining about the lack of diversity and how upset people are with the characters appearance in Disney movies.

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