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Help your kids get excited about using the toilet with this Potty Training Game from Russpuppy. Delivery LocationsWe deliver across Australia but are unable to deliver to Islands, PO Boxes, Parcel Lockers or Post Offices.Delivery PriceFor purchases at Toys'R'Us and Babies'R'Us the delivery prices are based on a real time quote with multiple courier companies. We will gladly issue a refund or exchange when goods are faulty, do not match the description or purpose or if you have simply changed your mind. Turn toilet training into fun KIDS GAMES & your toddler will be racing to wee and poo on the toilet. When it comes to potty training, whether it’s potty training boys or girls, trying to get a head start is not very beneficial, in fact it can be more likely that trying to toilet train your child before he or she shows readiness signs can make the process take longer than it normally would.
The natural learning technique for toddlers is to imitate their parents, the same goes for toilet training your daughter. One of the most effective potty training tips, especially for girls is to take them underwear shopping.
Girls also have a stronger desire then boys to stay clean and not wet their underwear, so it’s very common for a girl to tell her mommy if she needs to go right from the start. When it comes to potty training girls, a very important aspect is teaching your daughter how to properly wipe herself. Instruct your daughter to carefully wipe herself from front to back to prevent bringing germs from the rectum to the vagina or bladder. According to medical statistics, bladder infections while uncommon, are more likely to appear in girls who are in the process of being toilet trained.
If you feel your daughter is in any of the situations above, the best thing to do is call her doctor and have her checked up.
Very often, girls will easily learn how to use the potty for peeing but they’ll still want to poop in the diaper.
Sometimes, the things you would never think to try are the ones that drive the best results.
Another fun method is to put some food coloring in the toilet and watch your daughter become amazed at how she is able to change the color of the water by peeing. The ideal age to start potty training a girl is between 18 and 24 months, this is the period girls start to get a stronger desire to be clean, therefore showing more interest in the potty. It’s common for older kids, girls aswell as boys to be afraid to release bodily fluids and solids. Older girls can experience conflicts between wanting to be a baby and wanting to be a big girl, which can cause them to have fits and tantrums even over the most basic instructions.

The fun bear character in this game plays with toys, but when it's time to go potty the bear has to leave them and go to the bathroom right away!
You'll love training your little prince or princess with the Royal Potty because it has a reward system built right in, and plays different tunes - a musical reward for your child's potty progress.
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Teaching her how to use the potty is much easier if you start by encouraging copycat behavior. If this routine is to hard for her to grasp, teach her how to pat the area dry after she pees. This can be quite frustrating for the parents, but it is important to hide this frustration from your child.
Girls are harder to train once they’ve reached reasoning age and begin to manipulate rewards. Personally I hope these tips will aid you in successfully training your little daughter on how to use the potty, and get rid of diapers for good. Ever since I potty trained my two boys, Daniel and Mark, I've been helping countless other parents do the same with their toddlers.
After the bear successfully goes to the potty, your child can pick a reward sticker for the sticker chart.Say goodbye to diapers and hello to potty training!
The royal potty can also be used attached to a regular toilet seat, complete with royal tunes (not recommended for use on padded toilet seats). Take her with you in the bathroom while you’re using the toilet and have a potty ready for her.
If you can find it consider buying toilet paper in pink or your daughter’s favorite color, this also helps getting her motivated to wipe.
Instead of that take some extra time to talk to your daughter and tell her how big girls poop, and that she is now a big girl too. And when your child needs to wash up after going to the bathroom, this potty chair converts to a handy stepstool!
At this point, telling her stories on how big girls pee and poop in the potty can be very helpful to spark her interest for the potty. It’s times like this when making a huge deal out of every success can do a lot of good to the training process.
By EmilyMay 4th, 2016For the most part, potty training tips and advice articles seem to include a lot of the same advice.

Or, maybe your little one has been potty trained during the day for months but still hasn’t managed to stay dry at night. It seem so common to hear stories about toddlers regressing or just not being interested in potty training if they have a newborn sibling in the house, so I thought Royce being born might delay her.
She really embraced being an older sister and was suddenly ready to potty train when Royce was about a month old.
It felt like she had a big emotional change almost overnight, where she suddenly had a strong desire to use the potty, which was great.
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Use this chart to keep track of all the little victories along the way.View and print this potty training sticker chart. When these bigger goals are reached, celebrate in a big way by printing off this reward ribbon.
Let your little one show off their award to close family members or friends as well.The last step is to be prepared for set-backs or rough days. When you or your little one are feeling a bit discouraged (or just lacking enthusiasm!) about the potty training process, use games to make it fun again. Visit the Pull-Ups Potty Training Games website for printables and resources that you can use with your little one to make potty training fun. Resources include a potty timer to remind you and your little one to have regular potty breaks, personality quizes like What Is Your Potty Training Personality? Great that they make this affordable and it’s fun to go online and participate along with kids.

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