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My college English teacher used to give me a red pen and my fellow students papers and she would turn me loose.  Which I suppose did not make me a popular comrade; and I realize now she simply enjoyed not having to grade them alone! Don’t get me wrong, you can read through any of my articles and find grammatical errors and a misplaced comma, semi-colon and other punctuation but for the most part on a good day I have a decent grasp on the English language. For instance, I recently got a message explaining how a friend of mine couldn’t get her dog to “heal” for the life of her. Another of my favorite misspellings or miss-speakings (yes, I know speakings is not a word ?? so it were is spayeded. I can’t tell you how often, as a vet tech, I took a call from someone asking to have their pet spayeded, or I think it must be spelled in their minds as spaded.  I only spell it spayed-ed because I know the real term is “spayed”.
I actually had my dog spayed this week, and when I called to make the appointment I asked if they would spaded her just for the giggle I could get on the other end of the phone.
Sometimes it is just easier to use the term neuter although people think that refers to only males, neutering can be used for either sex.
I think maybe it is a combination of the prevention of the disease distemper combined with something that will perhaps enhance the dog’s temperament?  And, if that is the case I think I could use a shot of that on some days!
But my two favorite stories came from a radiologist who use to visit our clinic to review our x-rays and perform ultrasounds on some of our patients. After performing an ultrasound on a small dog that lived with an older male client, she brought the client into one of our exam rooms to explain her findings. For years (and still in my mind and with my friends from that clinic) we referred to cancer as the “Big K”. Then there was the time that we had a client that requested all of his dog’s nipples be amputated (seriously I couldn’t make this stuff up).

He was convinced that his dog’s nipples were in fact not nipples at all and that instead they were listening devices put there by aliens who were trying to infiltrate his life. Yeah, um… we had to tell him we couldn’t help him with that particular surgery…  I don’t think we had the surgical equipment needed to remove alien probes!
The way I see it, life is full of little surprises and amusements and there is no reason not to take a little mental time out here and there to see not only the beauty it has to offer but also the humor that surrounds us. Imagine the difficulty the man has explaining his request to his wife’s gynacologist! Your best friend’s kid (or your own) may not be as wildly anticipated and crazily commemorated as little George Alexander Louis, but he or she still deserves a creative stack of books to curl up with at night. I Want My Hat Back and This is Not My Hat, by Jon Klasson. Klasson has truly cornered the market on tales of hat-based animal death—which isn’t to say his stories are grim or scary. Books Are For Eating Reading, by Suzy Becker. In Hollywood, titles like this one are called “high-concept,” and this one pretty much says it all. Monkey World ABC, by Matthew Porter. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve all seen alphabet books before. We Are in a Book, by Mo Willems. This book spends more time breaking the fourth wall than an episode of House of Cards. On the contrary, these gorgeously illustrated books manage to be funny without gilding the lily regarding the natural appetites of grizzly bears. Potty follows a little boy’s matter-of-fact decision to give it a try one day with a light-hearted flair that seems to delight kids who remain very much on the fence about giving up their diapers. Becker’s book, which is reinforced with delectable red rubber corners, will reliably end up lodged in a teething baby’s mouth.

Piggie not only addresses you directly, he enlists you as a coconspirator to keep Elephant’s spirits from plunging as he confronts the inevitable truth: this book is going to end. Luckily a new crop of authors have taken up Theo Geisel’s mantle, with books fantastic, funny and, in some cases, even edible! By the time you manage to pry it out, you’ll have a damn good explanation of why books aren’t for eating.
Porter yanks the alphabet into the twenty-first century and reminds us that, yes, every profession in the world starts with a letter.
It also teaches kids to stretch their imaginations, and moms to lighten up and laugh because, dang it, kids are ridiculously funny.
Also, great preparation should your toddler decide to major in semiotics or experimental theater. The super-cute and occasionally downright metrosexual monkeys of Monkey World provide us with a full alphabet workout. H is for Hula Hooper, D is for Disc Jockey, and (my personal fave) Y is for Yoga Instructor.

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