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Taylor Swift is the self-titled debut album from American country music singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. The self-titled album debuted at #3 on the Top Country Albums chart and at #19 on the Billboard Top 200. I brought you three new tracks from the princess of pop Britney Spears, and now I bring you 2 HQ tracks of her new single Gimme More, and Cold As Fire as a B-Side.
Make sure to check out Fuego and So Bring It On which are my favorite tracks, especially Fuego! Just beware though this album and artist isn't very well known "Lean Like a Cholo" did a little bit for the charts - but not much more besides getting big in California, and a few other places so it didn't go too far, but it really should. So I was recently in Memphis, apparently Soulja Boy is the hottest thing in the south since probably Lil' Jon, except this guy is actually pretty decent. I'm a big Cheetah Girls fan, but I really dislike Raven so I'm always happy when she's not included in the songs but this album, some may joke "HAHHA TCG!!" but really, this is a very mature sounding record.
This is a hot release from Promo Only, although I've been killing these tracks for the past 2 months, if you have yet to hear them this will surely be a great CD to bump to! Brave is the fifth English language studio album recorded by American singer Jennifer Lopez.
The long awaited Promo Only Mainstream Radio November 2007 edition is finally here, somewhat of a weak release in terms of my taste. So on "The Clutch!"'s Official MySpace they've posted a new Demo(?) of their band they're making on MTV. It has since been certified multi-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for shipments of over 2 million copies.

Kelly is the second solo studio album by American R&B singer Kelly Rowland, to be released by Columbia on June 25, 2007 in the United Kingdom and July 3, 2007 in the United States.
I was awaiting something more raw like something off Timbaland's album that has never been heard before and just completely blow you away. And surprise that luckily Raven isn't included because she messes up the group in my opinion.
They're not singing happy songs, well technically they are, but it's not like Nick JR songs, or 1st grader songs but actually serious songs.
Here's an EXCELLENT Demo CD of her upcoming CD titled the same "Blackout" unless it once again changes. I'm more on the R&B side, but make sure to check it out as it has some of the biggest hits this year to make it quite a good download including No One, and Gimme More!
The tracks I really love are "G's Need Love Too", "Got To Hustle" "G Way" and "Everlasting Nights" make sure to check this out, especially if you're into songs with hot beats and nice music to listen to.
My favorite would have to be Colors, followed by Dry Your Eyes, Kingston, and Take You There. Pretty much these tracks are about a year and older but Interscope found some of them perfectly fine to retouch, and edit the cussing out and release it as a full CD. Excellent tracks all the way through, but most obviously my favorite track is "Keep On Movin'" Another thing that I am going to begin is posting Zshare links to the hottest tracks, in my opinion. Some tracks are still yet to be finished and some will never see the light of day besides this Demo Mixtape but it's here for all of you to enjoy. Well they did a great job, Crank That (Soulja Boy) is tearing up the charts and #1 on the Billboard right now.

From pure pop tracks (So Bring It On) to true Club Bangers (Do No Wrong) this is one HOTT Pop to album not to miss this year. So if you don't want to check out the whole album I'll post a few samples to give you a listen or what are some of my favorite tracks and you don't need to download the entire thing. Some of these tracks are great (Let Me Get Em, Report Card) and some are hideous (Sidekick). I'm opting out to posting any solo songs for right now because they're all unfinished at this point and I'll be taking down the link to the album once it gets a reasonable amount of downloads. Anyway I would like everyone who does download this to leave me a little comment and let me know if this should stay or go.. I just want to know your feelings on this music and see if I should continue to post newer materials. This guy is blowing up, you'd see him everywhere if his songs were actually great, but they're only mediocre and nice to listen to for a month or two. I bet he'll have fun singing "My Sidekick, My Sidekick, My Sidekick" over and over in concerts..

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