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Dora Royal Rescue : The evil wizard, Malabruno, has locked away Don Quixote inside Story Castle!
Game informationCocktail Girl is one of many online Cooking games which you can play here for free at TownDen. All graphics, music, sounds and other multimedia of Cocktail Girl are copyrighted by its respective owner or author.Please advise us if you believe we are violating your copyrights, in order that we can solve the problems.
That's why they try harder as the night goes on; they're determined to stop a known criminal. This also explains Night Four, when Phone Guy says that the animatronics are "acting very unusual, almost aggressive towards the staff. Phone Guy also suggests their facial recognition and criminal database software has been tampered with, meaning they wouldn't be able to differentiate between staff and a criminal.
The only reason you aren't singled out and questioned is because no replacement has been found for your position (who would want it?). On Night 6, Phone Guy tells you that there's been an incident involving the yellow Freddy outfit. Jeremy (you) has killed whoever is responsible for the costume and used it to lure the five children to their deaths, the incident referred to in the original game. The robots go berserk because they witnessed you killing children in their domain, hence Phone Guy saying they "aren't acting right" as well as the noticeable difficulty spike. The Purple Man has a security guard's badge, and is shown in another minigame to kill one of the children.
People are saying the Puppet killed the children because in the minigame where you control Freddy, you follow him to a room with dead bodies. It's possible he had a spare, since the Freddy mask shows that they can be worn safely somehow.
It's possible that Golden Freddy is, like in the first game, a hallucination, and is a sign of Jeremy's mental state degrading.
Jossing Jossed; Golden Freddy was not the suit used for the murders, or at least not the one the Murderer wore, as 3 reveals. Then that makes the Phone Guy, the most likely culprit, as hinted by playing one of the death mini games.
Which is why the Gameover screen has Classic Freddy looking at them; he's looking at them in the back room the old models are kept. Jeremy does have a criminal record, but it's for something minor like petty theft or shoplifting. And the reason the Animatronics keep trying to come after him is because their twitchy systems have caused them to view all crimes as being equal.
The game begins with Jeremy replacing the last night guard who was moved to day shift after one week. The mascots start rampaging because they realize the murderer is on the loose before any of the adults do. In this prequel, the robots are going nuts attacking the guard even before the dead bodies of the kids were stuffed inside them. Golden Freddy is the true murderer, not the Marionette, and the series' Greater Scope Villain. It's quite possible that the purple man died and returned to haunt Golden Freddy, which would explain his immense powers. We've already seen Bonnie in a state of disrepair, and Foxy is looking more ragged than ever.
Thankfully Jossed, if you look closer at the image you will see New!Foxy's ear sticking out on the corner and considering New!Foxy is just a mask with a badly put together endoskeleton the endoskeleton in the picture is likely her's. Classic Freddy and his gang will not take kindly to being replaced, seeing the new mascots as EvilKnockoffs. Somebody on the staff sees her as a Replacement Scrappy, and that's why there hasn't been any rush to repair the one at this location after she was trashed. Alternatively, the (older?) kids who trashed Mangle to begin with were mad that the cool-looking pirate fox they knew and loved was replaced with a girly toddler-friendly version, and so they took their frustration out on it.
The new guard may not have a criminal record and is safe from the facial recognition software. Well look at his(or her) face, it looks exactly like a mime, and that he(or she) will creep around while creepy french music(or the boss theme from the Game Boy version of Contra 3) plays.
Alternatively, she's trying to contact the police, but can't because of the accumulated damage.
Whoever her character is supposed to be, she (or at least, the animatronic mask on her endoskeleton) looks like Foxy's Distaff Counterpart. The previous guard hacked them (or some of them, at least) during his week for less-than-acceptable reasons, and then got himself transferred to the day shift to avoid Hoist by His Own Petard, leaving the next sucker to take the job forced to cheat death for five nights straight. The Marionette is an outlier, and acts independently of these problems, hence the bizarre pattern. The game states that the animatronics had facial recognition software and access to criminal databases.
The Marionette's old friends and coworkers got scrapped by Freddy's staff and replaced with new animatronics, with no warnings or explanations given to it, immediately followed by the new pizzeria's Grand Reopening.
Crown it all with the staff not giving a rat's ass, you've got one very pissed-off Marionette at the start of Jeremy's week on night watch. The naked endoskeleton has Foxy-like ears (dogs are relatives of the fox), he is non-aggressive, like it is said Sparky was, and it would hardly be the first piece of Ascended Fanon in the game. During the minigame where Freddy chases the Marionette across the pizzeria, there's sometimes a screen where a purple man comes towards Freddy, holding something in his hand, then the screen blanks. Asuna (???, Asuna?) is the deuteragonist of the Aincrad Arc in the Sword Art Online series, as well as the protagonist of the Mother's Rosario side story. After being rescued by Kirito and returning to the game, Asuna created a new avatar as an Undine.
Asuna is a kind and helpful young woman who, similar to Kirito, cannot abandon another in trouble. Asuna, once again similar to Kirito, is someone who can be controlled and manipulated using her emotions. In ALO, after being saved by Kirito, Asuna's personality had not changed a bit except that she was not as proud as she was in SAO. Asuna lives a comfortable life in her large home in Setagaya with her mother, father, and her brother. She logged onto SAO after she borrowed her brother's NerveGear. He was one of the people who waited in line for the game's release, but due to a sudden business trip, could not play on the opening day. Asuna had spent three to four days battling in the 1st Floor's Labyrinth, having taken five Iron Rapiers with her and planning to return as soon as her last one was at half durability.
After the meeting, Kirito and Asuna were to have a conversation regarding something he said during the meeting, but Asuna did not want to have it in public. Kirito alone climbed the stairs to the 2nd Floor and, after reaching the top, Asuna came up behind him to speak with him briefly.
Asuna later encountered Kirito, watching a scene of a player arguing with SAO's first known blacksmith, Nezha, because he failed a weapon enhancement 4 times in a row, four days after the first boss was defeated.
On the field she made a bet with Kirito that she could kill 50 wasps faster than he could and, in the end, won the bet.
In February 2023, Asuna became the sub-leader of the newly created «Knights of the Blood» guild in SAO, shortly after the 25th Floor was cleared and, during the battle, the leading clearing guild, the Aincrad Liberation Force, was nearly wiped out.
At the beginning of this story, Asuna visited her best friend, Lisbeth, at the latter's shop, and asked for Lisbeth to polish her rapier, the Lambent Light.
Two days later, after Lisbeth had created the a new sword for Kirito and as she was about to confess her feelings to him, Asuna burst into the shop in a panic. After Asuna entered Agil's shop to find Kirito, Kirito asked Asuna to cook an ingredient he had found. When «The Army»'s troops left towards the boss room, Asuna, Kirito and the Fuurinkazan followed behind, worried that «The Army»'s troops would get themselves into trouble. When she returned to «Granzam» to apply for leave, Heathcliff told her that before he could grant her request, he wished to duel with Kirito. After Kirito departed with Godfree and Kuradeel, Asuna anxiously watched the party's progress on her own map back at the KoB headquarters, not being allowed to join them. Upon realizing how her indecision had nearly killed both of them, Asuna collapsed to the ground in tears. Later that night, after finishing their dinner together in Asuna's place, Asuna nervously turned down the lights and slowly removed her clothing. This section is missing some information.You can help by adopting it and adding the missing information. The next day, Asuna and Kirito purchased a cabin together on the 22nd Floor of Aincrad to have a peaceful honeymoon. After several days, while walking through the woods and while Kirito was playfully scaring Asuna with ghost stories, they saw a pale entity in the forest. Game informationCute Girl Parking 2 is one of many online Car games which you can play here for free at TownDen.
All graphics, music, sounds and other multimedia of Cute Girl Parking 2 are copyrighted by its respective owner or author.Please advise us if you believe we are violating your copyrights, in order that we can solve the problems.
Something happened, but it's clearly nothing to do with the robots because, as obfuscating as he is, Phone Guy would probably tell you about it. It's possible that, during the birthday party, the robots just said "Fuck it," and took action against Jeremy, forcing him to live out the rest of his days minus his frontal lobe. Purple Security Guard appears to wear glasses, is a lighter shade of purple and is a noticeably different body type. The suit was, in its present state, still animatronic, whereas the Freddy head worn by Jeremy was specially hollowed out for the night guard to use.
Somebody who would dress up as a cartoon mascot, murder a bunch of kids, and stuff them into robots cannot be all that mentally stable to begin with.
It also reveals a drawing of a purple guard with a large smile that is most likely Jeremy, as he had been told to stay close to the animatronics - which he is, specifically Toy Chica - at the end of the Night Six phone call. It could also be argued that the animatronics have already been hostile to him since his first day.
If not, the Phone Guy was present during the murders (if the theory of the Marionette is true). They lobotomized the recently transferred Jeremy, because Jeremy was the bait of murderer, thinking he would be spared if the animatronics believe they've just killed the would be serial killer. As soon as the management heard about the murders, they held a meeting requiring all employees to attend, informing all of their legal trouble while evaluating the employees. She wears a bow tie, a staple of a ventriloquist's suit, and she has two endoskeleton heads.

If the New Freddy's is as cheap as the old one, it would make sense that they would use some existing parts from the old machines to save money. Phone Guy says the original plan for the old animatronics was to use them for parts, so it's not unreasonable to think there was some cross-contamination.
The new mascots, meanwhile, will see the old mascots as Psycho Prototypes who threaten the safety of everyone in the restaurant. So expect a lot of Interplay of Sex and Violence that shows us that a sexy murderous robot is still a murderous robot. Now, why would they have access to criminal databases, unless they're a preventative measure?
So far, we have the main four, both old and new, as well as Golden Freddy, The Marionette, and the Balloon Guy, making for eleven animatronics.
As the night guard, all you can do is look left and right and trigger switches within reach. Strengthens an above theory about how the Marionette believes metal has a life force; because it is aware that it is being possessed. So she's supposed to be the pirate wench to his swashbuckling captain; possibly the First Mate. As there are likely at least eleven murdered children, that we know of anyway, it accounts for almost everyone. Instead, the bodies resemble the only grown-up we see in the mini games — the Purple Man. All well and good, but there is a logistics problem: during peak hours, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy are up to their armpits in fussy, hyperactive children.
It was posted at the prize counter in the main dining hall, so it could clearly see everyone coming into Freddy's, and everyone in Freddy's could see it.
The new Fazbear animatronics are suddenly overwhelmed with kids to entertain, with Foxy getting torn apart daily.
Puts on a metaphorical mask around the children to fit in with Chica and Freddy, but actually behaves in a no-nonsense manner when around adults only or with the other animatronics. Not actually meant to be an animatronic; is cursed into being able to move and disrupt electronics like the flashlight. Some people think the Purple Guy is holding a phone, but another theory exists that he's holding some kind of taser or something else that could short-circuit the robots. In the early levels of SAO, she wore a dark red leather tunic with a lightweight copper breastplate and leather pants with boots up to the knees along with a hooded cape. She wore a white outfit with a long white skirt, a tube top showing her belly, and a red ribbon that went around the topmost part of her top that came together to make a bow. She has light blue hair with an appearance that otherwise hardly differs from her SAO avatar. The reason she created a new character was extremely simple: sometimes she wanted to change her appearance too.
She takes the game very seriously and is determined to clear it before Kirito tells her to enjoy SAO a bit. This is best shown in moments such as during Kirito's final duel with Heathcliff on the 75th floor when she resisted her paralysis, jumped in front of Kirito, and took an attack that would have otherwise killed him.
Her personality began to develop further still after meeting Yuuki in the events of Mother's Rosario. When she discovered that she and all of the players were trapped in SAO, she secluded herself inside of her rented room in «Starting City» for a week before resolving to take her fate into her own hands. Kirito decided to share cream with her, which he had obtained from a quest and gave the bread a surprisingly good taste.
While going over other possibilities, Kirito mentioned that he had a floor in a farmer's house, with a view and a bath, which Asuna wished to see. After reaching the room, the players went into the formation planned in the meeting, and everything seemed to go well until the boss's health dropped below a quarter. She asked him how he knew her name, and he proceeded to explain that, when in a party, a health bar is displayed in the top left corner of the player's vision and under it are the health bars of the player's party members, along with their names. After the commotion was cleared, Kirito and Asuna talked and Kirito decided to help her gather more materials for enhancing her Wind Fleuret. Kirito, consequently, had to pay for their dinner, and Asuna choose a restaurant, recommended by Argo, which had a very tasty, but expensive dessert. After joining the guild, she constantly disagreed with Kirito in the boss clearing strategy meetings on how to beat the field and floor bosses. The way he explained it to her, they were currently alive in Aincrad: they were not so much imprisoned as they were simply living a different life.
During this time, Lisbeth deduced that Asuna was in love, and made Asuna promise to bring her new lover to the shop some time later. He revealed that he had acquired a Ragout Rabbit's Meat, an incredibly rare S-class ingredient.
He set his terms: if Kirito won the duel, he would allow Asuna to have her requested time off, but if Kirito lost, then Kirito would have to join the Knights of the Blood. Midway into their trip, Asuna noticed Godfree's disappearance from the map and rushed to save Kirito with panicked, adrenaline-fueled speed that players were, supposedly, incapable of reaching. She believed that her presence near Kirito had put him in danger, and through her tears told him that she wanted to stay away from Kirito, lest her presence once again be a liability upon him. Kirito was completely and utterly shocked and quickly explained that he simply meant he wanted to stay by her side that night and not what Asuna was implying. Convinced that Kirito's stories were true, Asuna screamed and hid behind him, but Kirito realized that the entity was actually a young girl. Yulier rushed forward, overjoyed at the sight of her lover safe, but was barely saved from being ambushed by a boss: The Fatal Scythe. There's an opening in staff, but the way Phone Guy lets you know about it is ambiguous; either they fired someone who has not taken it well (as in Game Theory's analysis and the real-life incident that partially inspired the game), or an employee has been killed and the police are investigating it.
What if the Puppet actually ran into Freddy and alerted him that Jeremy had kidnapped the children, and Freddy was actually following him to the scene of the crime, only for the Puppet to have to perform an Emergency Transformation on the children when he found they were too late to stop Jeremy from killing them? As the murderer wore it, no human could have done the deed, as being forced into it would, as we know, kill them. Even ignoring the bits hanging out of the head, you can still see the metal in the joints of the Golden Freddy suit just as they were in the first game's Freddy suit in the "game over" screen; a human being couldn't have worn it and lived. And after several nights of putting up with the robots, by night 6 he's really going nuts, imagining that the suit he wore is also a robot and is coming to get him as well.
Jeremy can't have snuck in to clean up his mess, since there was another night guard during that period.
The strain of fear the animatronics gave Jeremy during his fifth night, made Jeremy extremely fatigued from all the panic, which made him miss the meeting during the day. Her second head is rather good-sized, so it's possible her puppet could be desgined to have a large hook hand of a similar size to Foxy himself (possibly having a large head, large hands, and a smaller body and legs to give it a "cute" look). One game depicts 4 or so children being served food, (poisoned, of course, considering the fact that children seem to suddenly die on the premises of the restaurant), but then there's a fifth child, outside the window, crying.
So perhaps putting parts from the old animatronics into the new ones has "infected" them somehow, and that's why the new mascots are walking around. What is going to stop them from messing with the software to see the new guard as a threat regardless? When you listen closely to the static that she produces, you can hear someone saying '10-1'.
In other words, the new animatronics aren't possessed, they simply have their own soul, and each of their souls possessed the Marionette, if that makes sense.
But there are twelve animatronics, counting the old ones, the toy ones, the Marionette, and Golden Freddy. If this is accurate, it means that Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy are inhabited not by the spirits of children, but by the spirits of adults. Maybe he did even more tampering during your week just before you came in for work using the Golden Freddy suit to avoid getting brutalized (along with a certain aforementioned other use), considering no one seems to catch on to his acts until sometime between Nights 3 and 4 with his job just happening to open up a day later. The "SAVE HIM" minigame shows that the animatronics can get so busy entertaining children that they don't notice when there's danger at the door.
It's designed so that anyone looking at it will be drawn to look directly at its face, providing it with a clear facial recognition scan. Foxy's damage reports have eaten up all the communications bandwidth, so the Marionette can't raise its security alerts when a Murderer walks right into the place and starts shopping for victims.
Doesn't like how the cleanup crew don't do their jobs very well (filth on the walls, things laying about). Takes on the role of primary security officer during the night and when she can during the day, which is why she's usually the first into Jeremy's office; she's concerned about whether or not he's a proper security man or just a schmuck trying to make a buck that doesn't give a rat's ass about Mister Fazbear's establishment.
May even be part of the reason the Toy crew are trying to kill Jeremy instead of protect the joint. Is especially pissed off that all his pirate themed stuff is gone, and blames both staff members and new Foxy, which is why she sticks to the roof where he can't reach her. Her real name is Yuuki Asuna (?? ???, Yuki Asuna?), and she is the daughter of the former CEO of RECT Inc. After joining the «Knights of the Blood», she wore a red and white uniform that all KoB members wear and wielded a rapier made by Lisbeth, called the «Lambent Light».
Her role is a healer, though she was later nicknamed «Berserk Healer» due to the fact that she enjoys fighting in the front line with her rapier occasionally despite her role as a healer.
She soon takes most things Kirito says to heart and looks to him for help, using him as somewhat of a lifeline. Asuna is also somewhat proud and despite her kind personality, she will not hesitate to get physical with those that challenge her authority or make fun of her abilities, such as cooking.
She also cannot handle seeing others die in front of her, such as when she recklessly attacked The Gleam Eyes after seeing the Liberation Army players getting slaughtered. Seeing how Yuuki still moves forward, despite knowing her death is inevitable, Asuna takes after her and resolves to keep moving forward, no matter what happens.
This led her to kill monsters at an incredible rate and level up in a quick fashion, even risking her life in the process.
After Kirito explained that using Linear on an enemy with nearly no health was «Overkill», Asuna said there was no problem with it, as even if it exhausted her, she expected to die eventually anyways. At this point, the boss pulled out its secondary weapon which, unexpectedly, was a katana, and not what was originally predicted. He advised her to join a guild if someone she trusts invited her, before he headed to the nearest town to activate the Teleport Gate there. Minutes later, Kirito abruptly entered Asuna's room and made her materialize all her items.
After Asuna confirmed this, Lisbeth revealed that Kirito had broken her best sword while testing its durability and that they had gone to a dungeon to find a rare raw material in order to forge a stronger, better sword for him.

Even Asuna, who had recently completed her Cooking skill, had not seen such a rare ingredient before. Upon arrival at the door, they discovered with horror that the troops were unable to escape from the wrath of the boss. The two returned to Granzam so that Kirito could talk with Heathcliff himself, but he ended up accepting the challenge.
She narrowly saved Kirito from Kuradeel, who had betrayed them midway through the trip, but was unable to bring herself to kill the man, despite all of her anger towards him for nearly killing someone she cared a great deal about. Kirito, realizing that he was on the verge of losing her, chose to surprise Asuna by kissing her passionately.
Embarrassed by the situation, Asuna shouted and attacked Kirito, though the «Area» effect stopped her.
Kirito quickly ordered Asuna to take Yui and teleport to safety while he distracted the boss, but Asuna defied him and instead pushed Yui into Yulier's arms and told them to take her out of there with them. If you want to play other good games like Cocktail Girl, check out Ice Cream Cake or Lasagna Roll-Ups. For the latter, the place before was specifically stated to be a diner, and the murder occurred at "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria".
It's highly unlikely that a predator would come to work at a place where he just murdered, sure you could say that he was clearing of evidence, but after finding out about the homicidal animatronics, one should note that means Jeremy can never leave the "safety(?)" of his office. The theory going around is that the old mascots will walk away if they see you wearing the mask, since they want to stuff you in an empty suit.
We know the toy ones become haunted at some point, because after the murders of the second game, they start to just stare at the adult staff. If a person is flagged in the criminal database as a potential threat, the Marionette would use wireless or radio transmission to alert security and coordinate the Fazbear Gang into position between the kids and the would-be predator. Has no personality besides stock noises he makes during the day with a proximity sensor and when deploying fresh balloons. Kids wind up the music box, and he pops out when it ends, eliciting cheers and laughter as he smiles and gives out free toys, even roping other animatronics into the act if they show up and giving them one too.
Freddy knew what the device did and tried to attack Purple Guy when he came at him- the screen blacks out because he touches Freddy with it, but maybe Freddy managed to grab him for a second and Purple Guy had to shove him off. It also earned her the title «The Flash» (??, Senko?) for performing an astounding «Linear». She fainted shortly afterwards and, rather than leaving her behind, Kirito carried her out of the Labyrinth and waited for her to wake up outside. In the middle of her bath, Argo came to visit Kirito regarding a client who wished to buy his sword. This resulted in the boss using Sword Skills that everyone was unfamiliar with and the death of Diavel.
Afterwards, Kirito took her to the blacksmith from earlier in order to try for another upgrade on Asuna's Wind Fleuret. Hours later, she woke up, covered in grass and embarrassed that she could so easily lower her guard. After talking a bit about the adventure and Kirito, Lisbeth abruptly left under the guise of having an appointment and asked Asuna to keep Kirito company. Asuna rushed in to help, only to quickly endanger herself and, consequently, be rescued by Kirito.
In that moment, Kuradeel sensed his opportunity and struck, launching a surprise attack against her. Once things had been cleared up, they finally do sleep together and, later that night, Kirito proposed to Asuna, which she happily accepted. Asuna and Kirito managed to deflect a single blow from the boss but were completely overwhelmed by the effort, as the boss nearly killed them with its first strike. If you want to play other good games like Cute Girl Parking 2, check out Driving Force or Dead Paradise 2.
More similar and exciting games you can find in the catalog Cooking Games or visit our the Best Games page. It would also make sense since she takes the role of "entertainer", and a ventriloquist's act would allow her to tell stories and jokes while the kids eat. Completely mime, uses exaggerated gestures and poses that children understand to get across his meaning. She is not afraid to act out on her own and will take matters in her own hands from time to time. After seven hours, when she woke up, she claimed that his actions were unnecessary, but he assured her that his reason for saving her was for her map data that she had collected after having been inside the dungeon for three days straight. Despite there being a 97% success rate, the blacksmith failed and her Wind Fleuret seemingly shattered due to a new, previously unheard of penalty, which the blacksmith then told them about. She asked Kirito to explain how he got her beloved weapon back and he explained to her about the dropping weapon system and the scam that the blacksmith was pulling. She then offered to treat Kirito to one meal so that they would be even, since Kirito stuck around to watch over her while she slept. Kirito reluctantly agreed and the two headed to Asuna's flat in Selmburg, the main city on the 61st Floor.
Together with Klein, she distracted the boss while Kirito prepared his «Dual Blades» skill, then watched with a combination of awe and terror as the two clashed with power she had never seen. Godfree, the Commander of the Vanguard of the Knights of the Blood, demanded Kirito's prowess in combat to be tested, despite Kirito having nearly won a duel with Heathcliff.
Despite Kuradeel's advantage, Kirito was fast enough to deflect the blow, albeit costing him his own hand, and he then finished Kuradeel off.
Kirito solemnly declared his emotions for her, how he had come to realize that Asuna meant the world and more to him and that he would do anything to stay by her side. They realized that its level must match that of the 90th Floor and above bosses and that it would easily kill them if they resist any further. More similar and exciting games you can find in the catalog Car Games or visit our the Best Games page.
They'll see you wearing the mask and think you're a suit without an endoskeleton and then OH DEAR. In the first game, he's the only one who doesn't immediately rush you at the first opportunity, like someone starved for revenge would be. She loves kids, and is perfectly happy with letting them do as they will with her, encouraging it sometimes. Asuna gave Kirito the map data, but before she could leave, he informed her of the First Floor Boss Raid Strategy Meeting in «Tolbana» that afternoon. The meeting was to organize a large raid to explore the Labyrinth and find the entrance to the boss room. Aftering eating their fill, Asuna persuaded Kirito to join her party, and the next day, they discovered the 74th Floor Boss, The Gleam Eyes.
In the end, Kirito defeated The Gleam Eyes and, suddenly overcome with fatigue, he collapsed to the ground, noticing that he only had a sliver of his HP remaining.
Before leaving on the test, Kirito confided in Asuna his dark past with the Moonlit Black Cats guild. Asuna said the same to him, and Kirito requested that he be allowed to sleep with Asuna that night.
They then decided to help Yui find her real family, as Yui seemed far too young to be alone in SAO. However, while they were struggling to get up, Yui intervened, materializing a massive, flaming, two-handed greatsword, the Object Eraser. They quickly rushed to the source and discovered a man impaled on a spear and hanging by his neck from a noose. They proceeded to hastily retreat to to a safe area, where they later encountered Klein and his guild, the «Fuurinkazan», and troops from «The Army».
Asuna rushed to his side and, upon seeing his state, quickly healed him and then nearly crushed him in an overbearing hug.
She embraced him as he tensed up and whispered in his ear that she was not planning on dying anytime soon, so he needed to stop worrying about her. They took her to the «Starting City» on the 1st Floor where they took her to a church where many other young children trapped in SAO had taken residence, but the person taking care of the children there, Sasha, confirmed that she had never seen Yui. Yui deleted the boss from the game, and Kirito and Asuna followed her into the safe-zone that Yulier and Thinker had teleported from.
Any way you slice it, the robots are trying to protect the children they consider themselves in charge of. After discussing the information they knew, they were informed that Argo's self-published guide had information regarding the boss from the beta period.
Shaking with a combination of fear and newfound emotions she had not realized were there until she had seen how her friend had nearly died, Asuna decided to take a break from her guild in order to spend more time with Kirito. Yulier, the sub-leader of «The Army», suddenly showed up at the church and besought Kirito and Asuna for their help in finding her husband, Thinker, the leader of «The Army», who had disappeared several days prior in a Hidden Dungeon beneath the Black Iron Palace. The only thing that keeps them from being outright heroes is that they keep murdering innocent guards, not just the guilty ones. And because he isn't being haunted by anything, he just hates, hates hates hates security guards. They planed to attack the boss the next day, and Asuna and Kirito decided to party up as they were the only ones without a party already. Due to the «Area», it was impossible for a player to be damaged in a safe zone unless they accepted a duel request from another player, so there was obviously foul play involved.
During the planning, their party was decided to be a support group for attacking the smaller mobs in the room. Knowing they had to find out what had happened and, hopefully, prevent anymore unnecessary deaths, they both decided to investigate the murder and temporarily left the front lines. Though Asuna disagreed with this, Kirito explained that it made sense, as they were only two people.
After his murder, he got so enraged at his murderer that he possessed the marionette, fittingly, to seek his revenge. He then controls those four children and forces them into four other suits, then makes them murder any adult they find, since they can't decipher what their murderers face looked like. Easy, Mangle's attempting to contact the police via a damaged radio (if you slow her noise down, it's a radio repeating the Lost connection Police Code 10-1), the animatronics scream in pain when they kill you (if you listen to the full files), and the puppet was the first to die, thus making it seem unfair and making him angrier and more powerful.

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