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The Fall Fair Party is here and so far we can’t Pick up the New Pin and we don’t get any Tickets after playing Mini Games!
The Newest Club Penguin Pin is hidden here at the Ski Lodge :) …Would you like to buy undefined for undefined coins? The Fair is here and Club Penguin Island is filled with Fall Fair FUN decorations, items and Games :) On this post you will find links to everything about this Party including Fair Prizes :) Rookie is waddling around but the Party decorations are from earlier years when Rockhopper visited during this Party!
Puffle fans can meet Agent PH and learn the secrets of good puffle-keeping, and even train their pets with elite skills! What's more, we've got Funfair-themed puzzles, a guide on how to master CP's latest mini game Smoothie Smash, puffle-themed comic stories and more, plus the usual free items, coins and gifts, and all your igloos and fashions! The Bug is Fixed :) You have found a Triple Scoop Ice-cream Cone Would you like to pick it up?

Write down the color of the Ringmaster’s hat, and the zone from Challenge 4, to get the redeem code :) How to Unlock items online Club Penguin? I’m so HAPPY that the Pizza Parlor is located so close to the Stage otherwise we might have STARVED! And I’m also so HAPPY that Fishandfries is such a GREAT Chef and kindly went to the Community Garden to pick up fresh Vegetables for my special ordered Veggie Pizza :) THANKS!
Oh, and if you’re looking for a place to trade your tickets, head to the booth in the Forest.
There’s also a special members prize booth next to the Puffle Circus, with lots of udderly great prizes. I think you’ll also have a smashing good time at the Bumper Car Derby at the Stadium.

Check out the farm decorations at the Beach if you’re looking for the perfect pasture for a picnic. DON’T plant your tickets in the ground and then water them everyday for a week to grow a ticket tree. Oh, and definitely DON’T put your tickets in the new pocket you just found in your pants.
And maybe try Balloon Pop, ‘cos I just saw a clown leave with a whack load of tickets.

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