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In this game, Baby Hazel learns different hygiene care activities such as washing and ironing of her cloths, cleaning herself after outdoor game play and meal time hygiene. Baby Hazel Goldfish Baby Hazel is very fond of pet animals, and really enjoys making them happy by taking great care of them.
Baby Hazel Siblings Day Can you help baby hazel to take care of her siblings on siblings day? Baby Hazel has a garden in the backyard and she wants to grow different flowers and vegetables there. Baby Hazel Sibling Care Baby Hazel is very much affectionate towards her little brother Matt. Baby Hazel Sibling Surprise Baby Hazel has to take care of her cute sibling, can you help her?
Baby Hazel Gums Treatment It's important to maintain dental hygiene for healthy gums and teeth! Today, Baby Hazel and Baby Matt have an appointment with dentist for routine dental checkup. Report Broken GameBaby Hazel Gingerbread HouseBaby Hazel wants to renovate her gingerbread house for the Christmas season, she is really interested in maybe installing an outdoor pool and candy cane men to make sure that it all runs smoothly. All you need to do is it treat her and make sure she gets well as soon as possible.How to Play Baby Hazel Goes SickUse mouse to play this game. Join Baby Hazel to learn about four different seasons in a year through fun-filled activities, tasks and assignment.
Baby Hazel and friends are excited to participate in the event and enjoy playing competitive games.

Uncle John has invited Baby Hazel and her family for New Year celebrations at the Ice Castle. Baby Hazel Science Fair Enjoy exploring a few interesting scientific experiments with Baby Hazel and her friends. Baby Hazel Summer Fun Summer is here, and Baby Hazel can't wait to enjoy all of her favorite summertime activities.
Today is the first day of summer break, so Baby Hazel wants to kick back and relax by the pool. Baby Hazel First Rain It's the first rain of the season, and Baby Hazel can't wait to go jump in puddles and count raindrops with her best friends.
Baby Hazel Kite Flying The weather outside is lovely, and the gentle breeze makes it the perfect time to teach Baby Hazel how to fly a kite. Baby Hazel Fancy Dress Baby Hazel is very excited to participate in a fancy dress competition.
Baby Hazel Skin Trouble Baby Hazel is beginning to experience some new things now that she's growing up.
Can you help Baby Hazel with buying the right items and Baby Hazel Fairyland Baby Hazel goes to fairyland, join her in het adventure now! She just got her first zit, and she's not really sure what to do to make the swollen pimple go away.
Baby Hazel African Safari Baby Hazel and her parents are taking a trip to South Africa for their annual family vacation. Baby Hazel Mischief Time It's nap time, and Baby Hazel's mother is leaving the house so that she can shop for groceries. Baby Hazel New Year's Party What better way to start out the new year than with the young and fun Baby Hazel?

Baby Hazel Princess Dressup Baby Hazel wants to be a lovely princess, can you help her to look like one as well? Baby Hazel Hygiene Care Baby Hazel needs some advice on her hygiene while she's still young.
Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise Can you help Hazel in grooming and pampering her little reindeer? But when you take her to Disneyland there are so many adventures waiting for her that she'll forget to do any kind of sad. She just a new doll and needs to come up with a cute outfit for it, can you help Baby Hazel? Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance After school, Baby Hazel goes home to change into her pink leotard and frilly tutu before heading over to ballet class. Baby Hazel Valentine's Day Today is Valentine's Day, so Baby Hazel's parents are going out to enjoy a romantic dinner together to celebrate.
Baby Hazel Preschool Picnic Help Baby Hazel in packing her picnic bag with essential stuff and some eatables also.
Baby Hazel Craft Time Baby Hazel`s festive holidays are almost over; however she is yet to complete her crafts assignment. This is the place to play free Dress Up games in popular categories such as Animals and Pets Games, Beach Games, Cartoons Games, Celebrity Games, Fantasy Games, Fashion Games, Kids Games, Princess Games, Teen Games, Travel Games, Halloween Games, Christmas Games, and much more!

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