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Description: Barbie Mermaid Tale 2 is a new game of creativity appeared on our site in which you have to give everything your best to make a beautiful Barbie.
Video game information, credits, reviews, box covers, screenshots and more for 168 video game platforms from 1971 to date!
So I have 3 games from this promotion (the others are 3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures 2 and Dance Masters).
I wasn’t sure if they were audio CDs or CD-ROMs as they were both still newly wrapped. Obviously, each disc revolves around the adventures of 4 of the Elemen, each of whom are based on a chemical element. This one revolves around Nitro (nitrogen), Cop (copper), Silica (silicon), and Einstein (einsteinium). I spied GapKids Adventure at my favorite spent shop and hoped that I had located the sequel to the Snow Day game, one of the first games from this Gaming Pathology project (and I know that such a game exists, and I know I will locate it one day).
I haven’t seen this technique since the tech specs found on the back of Transformers toy packages over 2 decades ago.
Anyway, the game, apparently written in Flash 6.0 circa 2002-2003, has the player selecting either a boy or a girl, dressing them, gathering useful items from their bedroom, selecting a mode of transport and heading over to the tree house after completing some athletic obstacle courses. The ladder maze is platformer action which somehow manages to defy both the rules of real world physics (as all platformers do with their platforms moving to and fro in mid-air) as well as accepted video game physics (jump on a moving platform and the character remains stationary in air as the platform moves out from beneath).
So I finally get to the tree house (the gameplay was arduous enough that I almost gave up).
The other is standard Pong game with a twist– the whole game field is obscured by the same red masking as the clues, necessitating the use of the red glasses. The game sleeve threatens that this is only Volume 1 so I will be on the lookout for more volumes. Once upon a time in this blog, I was seriously looking forward to playing a game called 3D Marble Flip one evening because it reminded me of a game I had always wanted to play when I was a kid but never had the opportunity.
This is actually a marked improvement, both over the previously mentioned computerized version as well as the original wooden version. In 3D Cyberpuck, set in 2212, people have channeled their lust for violence into an ultra-violent version of hockey. The game was made by 2 fairly young-looking programmers, neither of whom took credit for the sound.
I tried Xerix II: The Caverns of Mars which, despite being freely available, is not in MobyGames.
The more pages that an instruction manual contains, the quicker I lose interest, unfortunately. One last game I tried was Absolute Zero, which is already in the database but without any appreciable action screenshots. These Barbie games (and Macromedia Director-based, kid-targeted games in general) are highly formulaic. And Barbie still has time to spare to cheerfully listen to a clownfish tell silly fish jokes. This is an exceedingly bizarre Barbie title and I think you know that that’s saying something.
The Magic Genie Bottle is a curious artifact that is surprisingly easy and relatively cheap to procure via eBay. The thrust of the game is that Barbie is a genie who had her powers stolen by some evil genie in the employ of a rotten sultan. Clicking on it only earned an explanation from Barbie-Genie that the player needs to rub the magic genie bottle in order to get heavy objects to levitate. Although it seems an easy task, do not rush to underestimate the difficulty of the game because you must be skilled in fashion to do a good job.

These Taco Bell disc-based promotions have traditionally been in groups of 4 (though the earliest one was only 3). Copyright 2001, Elemen of Periodica, LLC., an entire limited liability corporation for this enterprise.
I couldn’t find any additional markings on the controller (though the inside of the battery compartment may have something when I unscrew it).
Alas, this is unrelated to Snow Day save for its GapKids theme and the probability that it was distributed in the same way as Snow Day (at various GapKids stores).
I can’t shake the feeling that there must be some standard color adjustment tool found in many graphic editors which would allow you to undo the masking. GapKids Adventure was created by a group named Orange Design who demo a number of Flash games on their site.
But you’ll be lost trying to find the paddle and the ball in this field without the glasses.
The original game had approximately one difficulty level, if memory serves, and it was quite challenging.
Further, screenshots are unbelievably easy to capture (hold home button and press the top button; Mac software will automatically offer to download screenshots during the next sync). It was the kind of vacation where I, you know, actually traveled somewhere that was a significant distance from home.
The point of the game is to hit the goal but there are also lots of weapons and powerups that come into play. This is a game that requires at least 2 players and at most 4, so it’s a little tricky for just one person to try. I’m not looking forward to combing over the manual again in order to create a satisfactory MobyGames description.
When I tried to play, I realized that the the contributor who submitted the original screenshots probably encountered the same problem I did: the FMV transition segments ran too slowly. There is one unique game per level, but one maze in each which Samika the Seahorse must complete. Naturally, there is an activity where you can decorate the necklace as well as earrings and a crown using the seashells collected throughout the adventure.
You see, Barbie Magic Genie Bottle actually requires a peripheral that was packaged with the game. The first screen is the one shown above and instructs me to wave my hand around the bottle. I finally found a Wiki page that seems to have authoritative information of this whole promotion (including a photo of the promotion copy).
I don’t know if they actually created characters for all 109 or so elements that had names as of the year 2001.
Well, we have an optical illusion book, a fortune teller fold-up that can be printed, a certificate of completion in the form of a poster that can be completed and printed, a DJ mix station activity, and a secret password that accesses a bonus half pipe game. I get the feeling that the 2 arcade games here are Flash games that they had laying around and thought this would be a good opportunity to publish them. This game throws you a few softballs to get acclimated and then ramps up the difficulty (see above screenshot). Actually, it would also be rather difficult for the maximum 4 players to play simultaneously since all 4 are expected to use the same keyboard.
Somehow, I feel I can’t be too hard on the game since I made a similar game around the same time. According to my notes, you win a level when you pay off your debt, exit through the wormhole, and block others from making good on their debts. Either that or there were input timing issues so that I couldn’t control the character effectively.

The goal for each of these mazes is to obtain something else for Barbie to wear at the party. Much like the Steel Battalion series for the Xbox which featured its own custom controller, this game is not very useful without its special attachment.
The game asks if I can see an animation (to be triggered on-screen, I presume), and has yes or no buttons to click.
I know a bit about how those old PC joysticks operated and they don’t have a lot of bandwidth for a complicated protocol.
In this game you have in the foreground on Barbie mermaid and you have to be very careful to make it beautiful. Will this game feature more of that GapKids trickery goading players to return to the store at set intervals in order to learn secret codes to access more games? Further, this game has a nifty jump feature that allows you to overcome low obstacles– just tap the bottom of the unit. MobyGames needs to have complete information on every Barbie game under the sun, and my sources indicate that we aren’t even close to being done.
Further, you would be hard-pressed to find a modern computer that is equipped to use the device.
Each gem requires solving a puzzle and to solve a puzzle, you must find 5 puzzle pieces scattered about the land.
You have to keep in mind every detail because the details make the difference between a beautiful outfit and a single. However, I was able to track down this old page via the Internet Archive which indicates that there was a 3rd CD with 5 more characters. This is where the code that was scrawled on the sleeve (and was seen earlier in the game using the red shading mechanism) comes into play. So I got to the start of the game, where the player is walking into an antique shop holding the bottle. You only need the mouse with which you must fulfill your objective, choose clothes, accesories, hairstyles Barbie mermaid.
The same reviewer found it strange that a Genesis-compatible product blessed by Sega would have a 4-button controller. I took my little ASUS Eee PC 701 loaded up with DOSBox and the ripped ISO images of most every DOS game from my collection still unentered into MobyGames.
The storekeep asks if you know the secret of magic bottles, implying that all bottles are magic. At least this game exhibits a slightly more competent 3D engine than seen in the maze portion of Barbie as Rapunzel, which was developed sometime after this game, by a different house.
You can walk around and mount your trusty flying carpet to fly on a slightly higher plane as shown above. At the end of the game if you like how it came out with Barbie image, you can remove the image from the printer or save it in your computer.
Be sure to choose a hairstyle and makeup to match each other and also to match the outfit siren. As I was scribbling notes about how much this game disappointed me, Barbie-Genie pops out of the bottle anyway, advancing the setup.

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