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Barbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure - Download Game » Barbiemania - Barbie online! Aproveite para jogar agora diversos jogos de Meninas no melhor site de jogos friv do Brasil. Beauty Rapunzel and prince Shtefan prepared to masquerade when malicious magician Gotel has imposed the damnation which has destroyed all its beauty on the lock. Charms of the sorcerer have scattered jewels from a crown of prince Shtefan on all lock, have turned the prince to stone and have hidden it in a garden, in a labyrinth!

Click and stick on pretty things like bows, crowns, jewels and more!Y8 Barbie as Rapunzel .
Help Rapunzel to destroy evil spells Goteli and to find jewels which will release the prince! Spend the princess through a labyrinth in a garden where it can find Shtefan and then you with Rapunzel can return prince Shtefan to life, having inserted jewels into its crown.
Also don't forget that you need to hasten ? the damnation should be removed prior to the beginning masquerade!Features of game "Barbie as Rapunzel: A Creative Adventure" - 8 various games on a choice!

Dress up, fashion, makeover, barbie and bratz, sue and winx, cooking and other games for girls.Flash Barbie rapunzel game Free Online Barbie Games.

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