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If you think moms and dads know best what works with their kids, then you'll love all the ideas here- because most all of them came from other parents. What to get- always the big question- usually without a good answer, whether for your own child or any parties they're going to.
I recommend the weekly email as it will be in quick scan format where you can immediately determine if any of the ideas fit your needs and style before you spend time reading the actual info and potentially bookmarking it for your future use. You automatically get access to our Party Planning Guide, Gift Pool Service, and free printable favors when you do. Either way, you can bookmark what you like as it comes along and have it all in one pace when it gets to be time.
Looking for ideas for a theme or food or decoration or what-have-you for your next kids birthday party?
EMAIL is the preferred method of contact- my kids are TERRIBLE at taking and delivering messages, my answering machine is moody, and my husband is clueless.
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We wanted to get the grown ups to dress up too which has been difficult to get everyone to dress up each year. We bought cheap plastic black table cloth and hung it up all around the edges of the garage and made a haunted room for the kids to play all their games. We played games with cooked spaghetti for guts and had the kids pull out prizes out of the monster's guts.
My family dressed up as Danny and Sandy from grease and Meagan and her girlfriends were the pink ladies.

The Halloween 50s theme party ideas and photos in this section have been graciously submitted by readers like yourself. Little Jo has always loved Disney’s The Little MermaidThe Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo. Chica made dolphin cupcake picks with her Silhouette SD when she made the jellyfish banner (download her .studio file to make your own). Little Jo had a great time and was so surprised by the hidden necklace inside the chocolate pearl on her cake.
If you can't decide what to do on your 21st birthday than make sure you play the 21st birthday decision dice game! Obviously, I think my 5 kids party packages are the best, but as I uncover others I pass them along here- and I find LOTS to help you along.
A major focus of our web resource research will be to find gifts that will actually get used, that have some redeeming value and are a good economic value as well (with on-line purchase provided as applicable).
Learn how to make your invitations build excitement for your party and theme, and how to do it cheaply and easily. Just email me using this link with your ideas and so long as it's appropriate for kids I'll get it out to my readers and into our resource index. Every year we have a Halloween party and for invitations I write a poem about a little witch named Meagan. If you've got some cool party ideas and photos to share, we'd love for you to send them over. She’s also fascinated by aquariums and loves going to the beach, so it should have come as no surprise to me that she wanted an ocean-themed birthday party this year. First, I found some inexpensive, glass fish bowls and filled them with blue Jell-o and sea critter gummi candy.

Well, we used them for a party game where the kids had to to catch hidden sea animal eggs filled with candy.
Thanks Chica and Jo for sharing a lot of tips and crafts especially for parties and for gift ideas!
Having a bubble guppies themed party and we have the roll already but my hubby thinks it would be a fire hazard to use mini net lights! Roll the 1st dice and then roll the 2nd dice for wacky ideas of things to do on your 21st birthday!
You'll be taking part in creating the Web's ultimate kids birthday party ideas resource that's ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!
We could be throwing a unique party, refinishing a flea market find, or whipping up a new cupcake recipe. Find cheap or free printables, stuff to make, stuff to make WITH your birthday child for 'quality together time', all kinds of ideas here. The first time I did it with all blue, you couldn’t even see the animals floating inside! I have a very big wall to cover and looking for inexpensive way to cover it with sea decorations. This technique would also work great if you wanted to fill chocolate candies with caramel, nuts, or fruit.

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