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To be the first team to knock over all the cups of paper towel tubes and then place the words on the cups in order to spell out the Bible verse. Bible Verse or Bible Phrase Review Game - Have your children or teams take turns rolling an egg across the room trying to get the egg to land on a sheet of paper with a word on it.
Bible Lessons Question Game - Have your children or teams take turns rolling the egg to try and get it to land on a question from the lesson.
Objective: To be the first team or player to place all their Easter eggs in order to spell out the verse. Also tell them that they cannot tell the other children what the word is on the egg they found.
Before class write words relating to your Bible lessons on small sheets of paper and place them in the eggs. Children's Ministry Magazine has some great ideas to help you share the good news with the children and their families in your community. Add this game to your Sunday morning activities to engage preschoolers, and start a conversation about the wonderful surprise of Jesus' resurrection. Children's Ministry Magazine has more egg-citing crafts and games to help put excitement into your Easter celebration.
Connected to the Internet via Wifi this little dinosaur has unlimited power to grow and meet your child's educational needs and abilities. Download the Candy Land lesson from our Board Games 12-Week Children's Ministry Curriculum for FREE. The producers of the board games listed above do not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this curriculum or Children's Ministry Deals. Children learn Bible stories in a fun and interactive setting with fun activities, crafts and games. We are committed to maintaining a safe and loving environment in which your child can learn and have fun.
Teaching Concept: There are many stories in the Bible about important people and events such as the creation of the world and God sending his only son to save the world from sin, but sometimes we forget about the important women in the Bible and the roles they played in God's plan for the world. This lesson is taught using a series of pictures (or one picture) of five mothers and sentence cards that describe each mother. The teacher or a student reads short paragraphs written from the Bible mother's perspective and the students try to guess who the paragraph is describing. In this lesson children learn what it means to love someone and how to express their love to their mothers.
All of the above crafts and activities including a complete lesson is available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant download for $2.95.
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed all of the things you have on your site. What you will need: Heavy Paper, crayons and markers, glue, dried leaves, straw or dry grass, pipe cleaner, and Exacto knife (Optional). Use this icebreaker: Who's Who to get kids talking and laughing as they learn about various people from the Bible. This Getting to Know You game is a fun crowdbreaker to help children get to know each other in your Sunday school class. Use this Bible Game: The Mystery of the Holy Spirit with children at church or Sunday school. Use this Bible Game: Trash Toss to help kids learn why trusting God is important through Jonah’s experience. Play this musical Easter Jelly Bean Walk with colored jelly beans to remind kids of the Easter message.

If a child knocks over a cup or cups, that child gets to pick up the cup or cups and place them facing up to the side so that they are in order to spell out the verse.
To collect all the words needed to spell out the Bible verse or verse phrase by having your egg land on sheets of paper with the words on them. Or to gain points by answering questions about the lesson when your egg lands on a question space. Write words from your Bible verse, verse phrase, key words from the lesson, or questions from the lesson on pieces of construction paper. Before the game place the sheets of paper with the words spread out on them at one end of the room. If the egg lands on a word, the child who rolled the egg gets to write that word on the board under his name or team's name.
If the egg lands on a sheet of paper, the child or team that rolled the egg tries to answer a question.
Before class write questions from your lesson on sheets of paper, roll them up, and place them in the eggs. On the word go the children should try to find as many eggs as they can and place them in their bags.
When all the eggs have been found have your children open the eggs one at a time and try to answer the question in the egg.
Before class write one word of the Bible verse on the Easter eggs with a dry erase marker or liquid chalk marker. Before class write one word of the Bible verse on the Easter eggs with a dry erase marker or liquid chalk marker. Assign each child a different word of the Bible verse and have them write the words on the plastic eggs and then decorate them with the liquid chalk markers. As you say a word from the verse tell your children to grab only the eggs with the word you say.
Place the eggs on a table or floor in the middle of the children so that they spell out the Bible verse, and then remove random eggs placing them to the side of the egg that spell out the Bible verse. Have your children take turns picking an egg that has been removed and placing it where they think the egg might belong to spell out the verse. Once the whole verse has been revealed, you can start again, but leave out different word eggs. Before class write words from your Sunday school lesson on the eggs place them in the center of a table so that all the children can see them.
In class tell your children that they should pick up any of the eggs that have words that you say during the lesson. Before class write words from your Sunday school lesson on piece of paper and stick them in the eggs and place them in an Easter Basket. When you have finished the story or lesson, select one child to pick an egg from the basket, open it, and read the word. The other children take turns asking one yes or no question and then try to guess what the word is. The child holding the Golden Easter Egg has to answer a question from the lesson, if he gets it correct, he gets to stay in the game. In class have your children shake the eggs and try to guess what is in them or match eggs that make the same sound because they have the same objects in them.
All of our staff and volunteers are background screened and trained in our Child Protection Policies. The children read the stories and then act out the story from the mother's perspective for their classmates.

Many objects are used such as candy, a clock, a compass, a measuring tape and others, to represent different ways our mothers show us love.
Prepare the silk flowers and leaves by pulling them off the stems and removing any plastic parts. It's packed with practical, authentic ministry ideas to help you become even better at what you do best—lead kids to Jesus. Write the words on the same word on the back and front of the cup to make them easier to set up.
The child who rolls the egg should go and grab it and bring it back to the next child in line on their team. Write the first word of the Bible verse on the board and ask your children if anyone has that word. Write the same word at least four times around the egg so the word can be seen no matter how the egg lays.
The child picks an egg, opens it, and reads the word or words in the egg to himself or herself. When they are done playing with the eggs ask your children what they think is in the eggs and then open the eggs to reveal the surprise.
You keep one label and your child will keep the other so that we can make sure all of the children in our care safely return home with an approved person. In class children take turns picking one of the sentence cards, reading it and placing it under the appropriate picture. These objects are also used in a memory game to review the lesson and to study the Bible verses that go with this lesson from 1 Cor.
My children love to do hands on things and they have really been enjoying all of the things and learning from them. Cut a piece of brown pipe cleaner about 2 to 3 inches long and stick in through the hole to make it look like the bird is holding a worm. You'll get sound advice and encouragement from today's children's ministry experts, plus hundreds of ideas that'll have kids begging to come back! If the team cannot answer the question, the other team gets a chance to answer the question and earn a point. If he doesn't know the answer, he passes the egg to the next child and that child gets a chance to answer the question. The child that has the egg with the word should bring it up to the front of the class and place it in front of the word you wrote on the board.
Or say the words in the wrong order so children who grab too soon will have to listen more carefully.) If a child grabs a egg before you say it, or grabs the wrong egg, he must put all his eggs back on the table.
To make the game easier, you can pick categories such as people, places, miracles, actions, etc. Discuss how surprised everyone was when they discovered that Jesus was no longer in the tomb. The children will be escorted from the sanctuary to the Children’s Ministry Room during the Greeting time. Your child will return to the sanctuary during the offering time and sit with you for the end of the service.
When a child asks a question from the categories mark it off on the board so another child won't ask the same question.

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