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Over the past few weeks, everyone in our family has been talking (and singing) about our new obsession – FROZEN the movie! One of the things we love about the movie is the variety of characters to fall in love with.
Nat had already been planning a road trip to visit Holly (and see cute Ivie) so we decided to throw a fun FROZEN party for our kids and their friends while we were together. Our table runner was simple and inexpensive but still added to the frosty theme we were going for.
We hung large silver snowflakes and added winter white branches and silver berries to the table – they totally reminded us of the snowy woods in the movie! For the activity, I really wanted to do something the kids of different ages would like that wouldn’t make too much of a mess. I am totally stealing all these ideas for my daughter’s 4 year old party next month!!
My sweet Elena just turned eight, and we threw, per her request, a a€?Frozena€? themed party. Thankfully we got creative, made up some new recipes, and had a wonderful, and beautiful party!
I will be sharing each recipe in a separate post in the coming week and a half (and I will keep adding links to this post as I publish them), but meanwhile, here is the outline of our party. When people heard our theme, a bunch of friends donated their Christmas lights, snowflakes, and more to use. Snow pick up (with one hand behind the back, a blindfolded child tries to scoop as much a€?snowa€? a€“ that is cotton balls a€“ into a bowl with a spoon for 30 seconds. While truthfully this was the most we ever did for a birthday party before, it was a lot of fun, and fairly simple as well. Both my eight year old and my almost four year old directly after the party told us that they wanted to do the whole party over again right away! The information you find here at The Nourishing Gourmet is meant to help you become a better cook! This fabulous FROZEN THEMED SEVENTH BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Lu Giampaoli of Analu Festas.

We did a decoration resembling a princess of the ice with great delicacy in the details”. This darling FROZEN THEMED WAFFLE PARTY WITH FREE PRINTABLES was submitted by Erin Williams of Strawberry Mommycakes. These three are definitely our favorite – the sisters Elsa and Anna, and Olaf the Snowman who loves warm hugs! It didn’t take the kids long to find the toys when we went to Walmart for party supplies.
We rarely get to work together like that since we live so far apart…we may have had a few late nights that included more talking and laughing than crafting.
The first layer after the white tablecloth is this gorgeous silver glitter wrapping paper (found in the Christmas section and in lots of other colors.) Then we topped it with a runner that is actually an extra wide roll of sheer blue ribbon with silver glitter snowflakes. We started by making sparkly Elsa crowns and Sven the Reindeer antlers out of craft foam and ribbon for each child to wear.
One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Anna puts the carrot nose on Olaf…so we let the kids (blindfolded) take turns trying to do the same!
Before the pieces dried, I added the hair and arms using thin black cording from the jewelry making section of the craft store. My youngest daughter has a January birthday and I’ve decided to do a Frozen themed party.
We got it at Walmart in the kids craft section – not sure if all stores carry it but it is the perfect color! I thought that it would be fun, and perhaps helpful to parents in a similar party planning mode to see what we did (and Ia€™ll be sharing all of the recipes I used too!). All blue scenery of the snow, the preferred color of Mariana, the adventure and the fun made us try to make this party theme. Keep up with the latest party ideas, FREE party printables, tutorials, recipes and more by following Kara’s Party Ideas on Pinterest! It is a heartwarming story with beautiful music, funny characters and all the magic you’d expect from Disney.
Using items from Walmart and pieces Holly already had, we created a magical and icy setting for our little party guests.

Click below and use the promo code SUITCASE15 for great discounts on your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth! The circle around Olaf looks like about 3″ in the picture, could you provide this info?
Unfortunately, many of the ideas were simply decorated junk food or well dyed blue food, which isna€™t really our style.
While ours was a Disney Frozen themed party, it would easily work for any winter themed party as well.
I then sprinkled glitter on the glue, put the bag on the side and gave a simple tap on the table to remove excess glitter, and then lay flat to completely dry. I also love sharing practical tips on how to make a real food diet work on a real life budget. We’ve had the soundtrack on repeat in the car and the house and our kids are going nuts over the fun Olaf and Elsa toys we now own. The dress-ups were also SO cute, and we found FROZEN books, playsets, and other figures, too. Then paint with the solution on black paper and wait for it to dry (this is when the magic happens!)  The solution actually crystallizes and looks just like ice crystals!
I used small pieces of wooden toothpicks to attach the head to the mid section and body, and secured each with a little drop of hot glue. We are moms, wives, daughters, friends, creative souls, singers, living room dancers, Jimmy Fallon fans, & consumers of dirty Dr. Throw in a gluten-, egg-, and most dairy food intolerances, and many of the ideas were also not an option. The kids loved painting and seeing the results as the water dried and the parents loved that it was pretty mess-free.
Then I used a circle of white felt and a couple spoonfuls of the really fine fake snow to complete the look!

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