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It’s been a whole year since we discovered unlicensed Plastic Surgery Barbie apps for kids that made wonder what the freaking heck is wrong with people, and now, hooray! Here comes another series of games to file under Kids Games That Make Us Want to Scream WTF, Throw Our Laptops, and Hit The Developers In the Head With Them. Olaf also appears, with varying degrees of man-alone-in-movie-theater-wearing-raincoat creepiness. Parents should know that, should your kids come across sites like this one (and there are many similar ones too), besides the games themselves, there are tons of ads inappropriate for kids all over. On the positive side (kind of), there is an Elsa’s Ice Bucket Challenge game in the mix.
The thing that gave me a smile at last though, is the line at bottom of the site that reads, we promise to adhere when using copyrighted content.

Latest PicksBudget family travel tips: 5 smart do's and don'ts to save you a ton on your next family vacation6 modern baby bouncers that are super stylish space-saversHere’s how you can follow Cool Mom Picks, Cool Mom Tech, Cool Mom Eats. Similar to the Barbie apps, there are also games to let you fix Anna and Elsa’s horrible acne and ugly hair, heal wounds of varying degrees of nastiness, and give them tattoos. In which you can help inject your favorite freckle-faced, teenaged heroine with a hypodermic needle to put her to sleep, perform a c-section with a scalpel, use it to slice off the baby’s umbilical cord, then heal her wound instantly with a magic wand. That includes a banner featuring screenshots of other games which will pop up while your game is loading. We add new games almost daily so come back often to check out the new dress up games and cooking games!

Just, you know, appropriating an idea that raised millions for a cause that had nothing to do with teaching girls the magic of c-sections and puss-wiping.

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