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Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Pin ItThe best cloth training pants make potty training success come much faster than disposable training pants.
However, with the vast majority of parents waiting until a child is almost three to potty train, early potty training parents find it difficult to find training pants that fit their infant or under two potty trainer as the market does not cater to them.
The sizing starts out big for early potty trainers with an 18 months size being the smallest and recommended for toddlers weighing 24 to 28 pounds. If you want cheap cloth training pants and feel comfortable that you can get your infant or toddler to the toilet before an accident most the time, then buy the Gerber cloth training pants.
The Blueberry cloth trainers run a bit smaller than the Gerber brand, with the small recommended for 22 to 30 pounds. As an additional feature, these have two rows of side snaps so you can adjust the leg opening size.

That’s because when an infant or toddler is in thin cloth, the parent’s are more likely to stick to a potty routine and tune into their child because they are not relying on the training pants as a backup.
I liked them because they fit, seem comfortable, and were the cheap option at less than $15 for a pack of three or $20 for six. However the 18 months size fit my girl when she potty trained at 18 months of age and weighed less than 20 pounds. Parents find that the small size does fit infants under 20 pounds and as young as 12 months of age.
However, these cloth training pants also run small, which is a common complaint from the more traditional late potty training parents. These snaps also make it easier to get on and off your child should she have an accident or if you are toilet training an infant that does not yet walk or even stand. These make the best cloth training pants list because they are easily found and will fit many toddlers younger than 24 months. They did a good job of absorbing pee accidents so at least it didn’t run down the leg and we felt comfortable using these without a disposable training pant over the cloth pants when leaving the house during potty training.

The 18 months size also fit my boy when he started at 14 months of age and weighed less than 20 pounds.
These are more costly at about $15 to $20 each, but also come with more protection than the Gerber brand. One drawback of the cloth training pants that act just like real underwear is trying to remove the underwear carefully when your toddler has a poop accident. The cheap price allowed me to throw a few pairs away without cringing when the accident was too much to clean up. These also pull on an off like underwear, but have a thicker cotton lining and waterproof panel.
Like the Blueberry cloth training pants, the smallest size is recommended for 18 to 24 months and 18 to 23 pounds.

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