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Studies suggest that the reason some older kids have trouble potty training is because they don't feel that wetness and learn to associate it with peeing and that they need it, it's a bad result from disposable diapers. These Gerber Training Pants are available in a 2 pack for boys or girls and in a 3 pack in the unisex white.
Gerber changes the patterns and colors fairly often, so they may vary from the prints and colors shown in the picture. We were super excited to test these out because my youngest son is currently potty training. It’s super easy for kids and toddlers to use the Gerber Childrenswear training pants. Made from one hundred percent soft cotton inside and out they are lined with and absorbent interlining that will catch dribbles, but not complete accidents. You can find Gerber Training Pants at retailers nationwide including- Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Kohl’s.

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These 100% cotton training pants come in a 3 pack and are great for toddlers of either gender.
They are super comfortable for wearing all day and night, and are designed to help kids pull them up and down with no help from mommy or daddy!
The lining provides an extra lining throughout the day and the soft waistband won’t bother children at all.
The exact same Gerber Training Pants for Girls and Gerber Training Pants for Boys, except in the color white.

Then it seemed like Gerber stopped making them just when I had to potty train my two youngest boys.
They are so much better made then cheaply manufactured training pants and last a long long time.
Of course, we were really disappointed that we couldn’t find them anywhere except for Ebay or on clearance racks. Plus mama loves how durable, washable, and reusable they are hence making them eco-friendly as well as cost effective.

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