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Whether you’ve just adopted a new puppy from a trusted breeder or brought home a rescue dog from a shelter, the first introduction to your home and family to the dog can be crucial.
Before you bring home your new puppy, set aside a special place for them in their new home that they can be comfortable in. Another thing to keep in mind if you are already a pet owner is to not expect your new pet to eat out of the same bowl as the others. If you have a system like this already in place for other pets, you may want to choose a new spot gauging on their reaction.
We hope these tips have helped you and given some insight on some of the challenges that may come during the first day of adopting a new puppy into your home. If you think we skipped anything or have a comment to add, please feel free to leave it down below. The GSD's high intelligence, strong athletic physique and silky smooth movement has seen the breed excel at all kinds of duties. Unfortunately the quick growth in popularity of the German Shepherd has led to dogs of widely varying temperaments. To give yourself every chance of bringing a well balanced, good natured GSD into your life it's imperative to find a reputable German Shepherd breeder. The other factors which will come into play when shaping the temperament and character of your dog are your ability to provide proper puppy socialization and German Shepherd training.
As stated above, a reputable German Shepherd Breeder is real asset when finding your lifelong friend. Some problems you should at least be aware of are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and shoulder problems.
German Shepherds grow to be big, strong dogs who can be fairly stubborn and will display dominance if allowed to get away with it.
German Shepherds love the challenge and mental stimulation they receive from obedience training.
The top 10 German Shepherd puppy training tips are here to help you raise a smart, confident and friendly canine friend. You may have noticed that your German Shepherd puppy likes to chew on your shoes, toys, boxes, carpets, pillows, your handsa€¦well, pretty much everything!
Right around now you are also probably dealing with potty training, the best tip I can give you is to follow the chart below which tells you how many times, and when to take you puppy out.
Hope these German Shepherd puppy training tips help you start a great relationship with your dog! German Shepherd dog puppies are very smart and as they grow they become loyal canine friends. Best German Shepherd Names to Catch your Dog's Attention Jul 09, 15 12:50 PMTerrific German Shepherd male and female names.
Training German Shepherd dogs can be a pleasure and it is most rewarding because these are very  smart and loyal dogs.
Potty training a German Shepherd puppy successfully  will require your full attention, patience and consistency. That is why obedience training is key in the development of your German Shepherda€™s full potential. If you would like to be even more fancy, you can train these commands using the actual German words!
German Shepherd dogs (or GSD) are often trained for protection, police or military work, service dogs (such as guide dogs) and search and rescue. The reason German Shepherd dog puppies have sharp teeth is because they are capable of learning how much (or how little) pressure to apply when biting different things.
Adult dogs that have had this kind of training can get into fights and defend themselves without drawing blood.
Keep in mind that even though they are great guardians and courageous fighters, you should always use positive training methods as well as become a good and confident leader to them. Dona€™t let me alarm you thougha€¦Positive training methods are the most practical and efficient to use. Without the full set of shots, your puppy is vulnerable to infectious diseases, however taking your pup to early socialization clases where all other dogs have also been immunized reduces the risk for becoming sick AND will make your German Shepherd a confident, well adjusted and friendlier dog.
This article will guide you through the first steps of German Shepherd training, take you through some advance work and help you find solutions to common behavior problems.

Before you start training your German Shepherd commands, it is good to teach him his own name.
Ability to follow the commands at this pottyi?? is far too general to help games free online; using all.
There can also be a longer adjustment period if the dog had a previous owner, even for just a few days.
Whether that be a new dog bed you want to gift your new pup or just a pile of old blankets. The same way you shouldn’t overwhelm your new pup right away with a strange new environment, a big entourage of new people meeting them there is equally as bad. We can thank Captain Max Von Stephanitz for developing this fantastic breed, which has spread to all parts of the globe in recent years. German Shepherds are trained and considered invaluable in such jobs as seeing eye dogs, police work, search and rescue, herding, protection, bomb and drug detection and as guard dogs.
When provided adequate puppy socialization, regular exercise and some specific German Shepherd training they make brilliant household companions. The breed is intelligent, observant, self assured, loyal, courageous, protective and eager to please.
Your German Shepherd Puppy will need to be exposed to all types of people, dogs, animals and experiences during the socialization period. With good management and responsible breeding many of these ailments have been eliminated or reduced. GSD's are also prone to bloat (gastric torsion), degeneration of the spinal cord, haemophilia and numerous skin allergies.
They require a firm, consistent and always fair leader to guide them, and set them up for success.
From German Shepherd potty training right through to advanced obedience training your GSD will prove to be a great student.
Alternatively you can discover all the latest german shepherd training techniques in this comprehensive training resource - Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer. Of all the German Shepherd puppy training tips, I suggest you really think this one through.
Tip #5: Your German Shepherd puppy needs to learn things in different places, and every time from scratch. Return from German Shepherd puppy training tips to home page.Return German Shepherd puppy training tips to German Shepherd Training.
German Shepherd puppy training socialization tips:Never separate a puppy from his mother and littermates before the age of 7-8 weeks. Training German Shepherds is easier than training many other breeds because these canines need fewer repetitions to learn something new and can learn to discriminate between a big number of different commands.
When training German Shepherd dogs stay alert and always offer challenges that will keep your caninea€™s attention focused on your instruction. Training German Shepherd dogs in a reliable way means that they will respond to you no matter what situation you are in.
Here you will find what you MUST do during weeks 8-12 of puppy-hood to prevent behavior problems in the future, as well as training tips to make your life a little easier during this period of time.
From weeks 8-12 you can start teaching your canine many commands, however I strongly advice you keep your focus on socialization, bite-inhibition and potty training. It is a hard one to train, but with practice, patience and smart German Shepherd dogs it can be done.
If not, dona€™t worry and start German Shepherd puppy training after week 12 (although socialization should never formally stop).
Introducing the pup family member to your other pets should be the same as introducing them to people, just more being careful.
The German Shepherd has proven to be the most versatile of all dog breeds, they are basically good at just about anything! They also relish activities which stimulate their acute senses such as tracking, agility, flyball, endurance work, schutzhund and German Shepherd obedience training.
This process should be started by your dog's breeder and then continued on when your young pup arrives home.

It's also important to keep your German Shepherd's teeth and gums healthy - especially as they get older. German Shepherd training provides the ideal constructive outlet for all of your GSD's energy and focus. You'll find that time spent training your German Shepherd is the prime time where you will build and strengthen a strong lifelong bond with your dog.
This course is a very suitable choice for all of your German Shepherd care and training information. Fortunately, you have a German Shepherd puppy, they are clever and chances are they will need less repetitions than the average breed. German Shepherd puppy dogs have sharp teeth for a reason: to learn how to use their mouth properly. Now that your pooch knows some of the most basic and useful commands there is one more thing to do to have a well trained German Shepherd: make those commands reliable!
One of the most important rules is body language communication. After you get your baby German Shepherd and visit the vet, start socialization RIGHT AWAY! Just like babies are cute, puppies will win your heart even after destroying your favorite pair of shoes or that expensive carpet!
Making sure you use them will start you on the right side of training and pave the road for you to get an obedient dog. For example, the most common mistake most people make when bringing home the new family member is throwing open the front door, removing the lease and let them go explore.
Try the same technique we mentioned in the last tip, but be ready to break up a fight if it were to happen. They are happiest when included in all family activities like swimming, running, playing, walking through the forest or even just lazing on the couch. German Shepherd training establishes the boundaries which will help your dog to be a reliable and well respected member of society.
Pulling on the leash is another of those dog behaviors that people think come out of the blue, but actually they happen because there was never formal training done. House training German Shepherd dogs can be a bit stressful, but if done correctly, you can accomplish it in one week!
Take German Shepherd training to the next level by teaching your dog some advanced concepts.
If you have at least three options, then your smart German Shepherd won't be able to predict what you will ask. So, of all the German shepherd puppy training tips here, I don't want to hear any excuses for this one!Using food for training doesna€™t mean that your pup will only obey when you have treats in your hand. Running from one room of your home to another, excitedly sniffing everything he or she comes across, etc. German Shepherds in particular are known to be aggressive and territorial by nature, but not mean spirited.
German Shepherds are well known and much loved for the close bond they share with their family (for this reason separation anxiety can sometimes be a concern). This rule is amazing and will work wonders, besides it is really easy to apply, all you have to do is pay attention to your German Shepherd puppy and reward the good things he does.
Training Stand to your German Shepherd puppy: Once your pet is sitting, the next command is to teach him to stand.
Training German Shepherd dogs can be really fun and the bond you will create with your canine companion will become even stronger.
Training down to your German Shepherd puppy: You will also use luring to train this command. Now that youa€™ve got yourself your very own GSD puppy do not waste any time and start training right away. Sure, your puppy will come to know their new home in time, but the problem is that these early associates stick in the form of very bad first impressions.

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