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Rosie at International K9 Imports can answer all your questions and has been in the industry for over 20 years. There exist some main rules of sizing your German Shepherd to choose the right harness size. German Shepherd Harness UK, Working Dog Harness UKNylon Harness for Walking, Training and Working with German Shepherd in Any Weather! Luxury Dog Harness Studded and Padded Chest for German ShepherdLuxury Dog Harness for German Shepherd.
Designer Dog Harness with "Flames" for German ShepherdPadded Leather Dog Harness with Exclusive Flame Hand Painting for GSD This is an ultrafashionable dog harness with flame painting for your German Shepherd! Dog Pulling Harness for German Shepherd, Strong Dog Harness UKGerman Shepherd Walking, Training, Tracking and Weight Pulling Leather Harness This harness is a great solution for working dogs! Strong Dog Harness for German Shepherd, Handmade Dog HarnessGerman Shepherd Harness of Strong Leather with Brass Details This dog harness is designed for reliable control of your strong German Shepherd.
Braided Leather Dog Collar for German Shepherd, Dog Collar UKGerman Shepherd Walking Collar of Leather with Braided Decoration This braided dog collar is our elegant dog accessory for walking your German Shepherd. Buy New Dog Collars for Strong German Shepherd Dog StyleGerman Shepherd Nylon Collar from the Producer Directly!
Cool Dog Collar for German Shepherd with Spikes and PlatesGSD Dog Collar with Brass Spikes and Old Nickel Plates - Exclusive Design This collar was designed to create a unique style of your German Shepherd! Dog Collar Name Plate for German Shepherd, ID Dog Collar for GSDLeather Dog collar with Identification Tag for German Shepherd ID dog collar is an indispensable dog outfit for safe GSD walking, training and transporting. Elegant Dog Collar with Square Studs for German ShepherdGerman Shepherd Walking Collar with Row of Square Brass Studs This fashionable dog accessory is ideal for walks in style with your German Shepherd. German Shepherd Dog Collars Bestsellers in UKBest Dog Collar for German Shepherd and Large Dog Breeds - Bestseller UK!
German Shepherd Schutzhund Training Sleeve, Best for Bite WorkThe Best Schutzhund Sleeve for German Shepherd Training Schutzhund is an advanced level of German Shepherd training.
GSD Collar, Designer Dog Collar with Plates, Spikes and PyramidsGenuine Leather Dog with Nickel Spikes, Pyramids and Brass Plates for German Shepherd This collar is our novelty for German Shepherd walking in style. Handmade Dog Collar with Flames for German Shepherd Unique StyleLeather Dog Collar with Unique Flame Ornament for German Shepherd This is an exclusive dog collar with Flame hand painting for your German Shepherd.

Handmade Dog Collar with Plates and Studs for German ShepherdLeather Dog Collar with Brass Plates and Nickel Studs for German Shepherd - New Design!
Nylon Dog Collar with Massive Nickel Plates for German ShepherdNylon Dog Collar for German Shepherd Walking and Training. Nylon Dog Collar with Vintage Silver Conchos for German ShepherdGerman Shepherd Collar of Nylon with Conchos in Vintage This nylon dog collar in vintage is perfect for German Shepherd daily activities.
Rubber Dog Ball on Rope for German Shepherd TrainingDog Ball of Solid Rubber on Nylon Rope for German Shepherd Dog ball on string is our unusual dog toy to play and to train your German Shepherd! Studded Dog Collar with Nickel Pyramids for German ShepherdGerman Shepherd Collar of Genuine Leather with Pyramids This studded dog collar is a wonderful combination of style and functionality! Trendy Dog Collar Leather with Brass Plates for German ShepherdGerman Shepherd Trendy Leather Dog Collar with Brass Plates Loo at our exclusive handcrafted dog collar for walking your strong German Shepherd! German Shepherd K9s For Sale: See below currently available Import German Shepherd Police Service Dogs For Sale.
Our Imported German Shepherds are TRUE "Working German Shepherds", deriving from the most selective genetics that ensure strong German Shepherds that have Stability and Strength of mind AND body! Our German Shepherds are Highly Trained and Officially Certified Police Service Dogs For Sale to approved Law Enforcement, Government, and Security Agencies ONLY! Our German Shepherds are specifically bred, selected, raised and trained, with a truly fulfilling career as Working Service Dogs and Operational Proficiency as priority Number 1. Our German Shepherd shown on this page are an example of German Shepherd K9's For Sale and available to Law Enforcement upon approval.
This page is intended to give a brief example of a few of our current listings of German Shepherd K9's for sale. For more detailed information about each featured German Shepherd K9 For Sale listing please click on the 'Read more about' link or the dog's picture, or contact us for additional information. The result of the effort to breed an ideal shepherd with many capabilities, the German Shepherd Dog has proved itself in many areas, including working as a police dog, as a guide for the blind, in the military and as a search and rescue dog. Some feel that this dog strikes a resemblance to a wolf, but it is not related to a wolf any more than any other breed. The success of the German shepherd is attributed to an organization called the Verein fur Deutsche Scharferhunde SV, which was formed in 1899 to oversee the breeding of the German shepherd.

Long-haired and wire-haired varieties of the breed were shown until 1915, but today, most countries only recognize the short-haired version at shows. The German shepherd worked as a war sentry during World War I, and it was at this time that the name of the breed was changed from German Sheepdog to Shepherd Dog by the AKC.
The dog became quite popular thanks to Hollywood's creation of Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart, and the German shepherd enjoyed status as the top ranked breed in America for several years.
First of all, before measure your dog for the harness you have to make your dog stand still and steady.
We do have additional German Shepherds not listed, so please inquire regarding any questions you may have.
Between the late 1800s and the early 1900s, he was the one to develop the German shepherd into an all-purpose working dog.
This group was interested in developing a herding dog that would also be courageous, athletic, and intelligent. Although this breed has since lost popularity it is still viewed as a versatile and hard-working dog.
For business women who travel and need a companion and keep the kids safe at home when out traveling. It`s a very important point, because only in such a way you`ll get the correct measurements and we`ll produce the right harness for your Shepherd. It is said that von Stephanitz used local shepherd dogs of the long-haired, short-haired, and wire-haired varieties, found in such places as Bavaria, Thurginia, and Wurtemburg, to produce the modern-day German shepherd.
It was in April of 1899 that von Stephanitz registered the first German shepherd, named Horan. The reason for the name changes was to separate the dog from its unpopular German heritage. Eventually the name wolf dog was dropped out of fear that people began to have of the breed.

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