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German Shepherds are the second most popular breed in the United States and the 4th most popular in the United Kngdom. The German Shepherd comes in a small variety of colors, but is most common in its tan and black mixed colors.
A German shepherd was the main star in the TV series and movie in The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.
Nowadays the most popular dog on the entire globe is the German shepherd dog mostly due to his resemblance to the wild wolf; this breed is also called by non-breeders as the wolf dog breed.
There are the shepherd dogs that take care of the sheep that are always on the move which require a small, smart and agile dog and there are the cattle which once they find a spot to eat they stay there for a long time. Because his size he makes a great guard dog, but due to his breeding during the years to not scare the sheep with his barking and his perpetuated intelligence and agility he makes a great company dog.

The temperament of the German shepherd dog allows his owners to keep him in an apartment as well, even though we don’t recommend keeping such an agile dog in such a small place he copes well with any environment as long as he gets his daily walk and benefits from a nice exercising session. It is also known by Police Dog, Alsatian, Alsatian Wolf-Dog, German Sheepdog, Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schaferhund, Schaferhund, and Sheepdog.
There are two types of driven dogs the ones that take care of sheep’s that stick to groups as large as 50 or even more then 100 at times.
This is not something that all dog breeds can do as it requires an above the average intelligence as well as certain skills. The German shepherd dog was used with success and it is still being used as a police dog for operations as dope finding or in the search for escaped convicts. The only problem an owner may find in these breed if they decide to keep it in the house is that they shed a lot and since thy have both fluff and hair this can be a mess for a person that doesn’t like grooming a German shepherd dog every day.

Also keep in mind that due to heretic breeding the German shepherd dog suffers quite commonly of shoulder and hip dysphasia. But it is not about the size of the packs of animals that are driven by this type of dogs but the habit of the pack. They love the company of their owners, but will make great guard dogs due to their wariness of strangers.

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