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We are Team Nummer Eins, German Shepherd breeders and enthusiasts offering AKC registered German Shepherd puppies from the highest quality German Shepherd pedigrees the world has to offer.
Being an excellent German Shepherd dog breeder requires breeding high quality German Shepherds not only from some of the top rated German Shepherds in Germany, but also to have in depth knowledge of the bloodlines they carry. Our main objective at von Nummer Eins Kennels is to produce the best German Shepherd puppies in the world, and being a hobby kennel allows us to only have select litters from top of the line pedigrees and more importantly superb producing dogs; Breeding top producing West German show Line German Shepherds- which are famous for their glamorous looks and their biddable temperament. Our German Shepherd puppies are the product of breeding dogs with great temperament backed by elements like attentiveness, assertiveness, self confidence, courage, highly trainable, willingness to work whatever is desired on command. A listed building in the United Kingdom is a building that has been placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. Continuing to bring america the best german shepherd g enetics available in the world fleischerheim is the importer of the #1 german shepherds in the. Welcome to zwinger von himmel we are located in maine, usa we selectively breed and import exceptional highline german shepherd dogs our bloodlines are first. Kolenda kennels is a german shepherd breeder located in grand rapids michigan breeding with the best imported va & v rated dogs, producing purebred german shepherd. As a responsible german shepherd breeder we love our dogs and actively show and train them.
German shepherd breeders breed & offer genuine pink paper german shepherd puppies for sale with the international performance breeding & pedigree in florida. Small selective breeder of black and red german shepherd puppies from world class west german imports fully titled v and va rated.
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Copyright © 2015 World Economic News, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The black german shepherd puppies are a popular dog variety; they should be obtained from an experienced breeder. The dogs that were bred by a German cavalry officer, Captain Max von Stephanitz became popular all over the world thanks to their intelligence, loyalty, superb working, and search and rescue and protection abilities. Both parents of a pup should be tested for hip and elbow dysplasia, eye disorders and other health problems typical of the breed.
Dog TrainingIf your dog needs to perform a reliable recall, a sit, sit stay, down, down stay and heel off leash, no matter what the distraction, you have found the right place.
Enter your email address to subscribe to Zauberberg k9 and receive notifications of new posts by email. Breeding quality German Shepherd puppies and competing in dog shows and the sport of schutzhund is our passion and we are committed to offering our clients excellent German Shepherd puppies with a dedication to consistently produce puppies to exceed the parameters of high standards set by the parent club SV with each selective breeding.
As German Shepherd breeders, we are strive to be consistent with the quality of our German Shepherd puppies which means breeding with top rated German Shepherd breeding stock of some of the best German Shepherds in to world. Our GSD puppies are excellent for families -good with children, adaptable to any environment. Their inclination towards making their masters happy, their mental soundness and their high degree of intelligence have made this dog a successful working dog and masterpiece companion for their owners.
Who is Hena-C Breeders and how long have we been German Shepherd Breeders & Owners?
I hope Find german shepherd puppies for sale with pictures from reputable german shepherd breeders ask questions and learn about german shepherds at nextdaypetscom.

Our GSD puppies have super character, rich black and red colour and of course sound temperament.
They are superior in health with parents being x-rayed with clear hips and elbows by the OFA or the SV.
If a breeder claims that the dog is perfect, it’s better to avoid such a kennel, because the breeder is unknowledgeable or wants to conceal something.
I understand getting his hips, elbows and eyes certified, but the process beyond that is unknown to me.
These German Shepherd puppies will make great companion dogs as well as excellent conformation, show and working dogs. Before purchasing a dog, you need to find a responsible breeder and to have a look at both parents of the dog.
Responsible breeders care for their dogs and are always ready to help with advice and take a pup back, if the owner cannot keep it any more.
He was working with an inexperienced handler on this search as I was down in South Carolina at the time.

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