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The ravishing Good Morning America co-host wedded Haffenreffer, formal journalist of the financial subsidiary of the CNN, in September 2000 .
The marriage of this perfect couple was even featured in Weddings – a celebrated matrimonial magazine.
Previously, her renewed appearance was credited to the body overhaul : silica implants, nosejob and Botox injections.
Nonetheless, she denied the claims of plastic surgery attributing the stunning figure to her healthy lifestyle.

They are ready to like and share lurid accounts without knowing in the first place if they contain a scrap of truth. The fact that she was aging gracefully and not resorting to any medical means to defy age was, later, affirmed by visible folds and lines on her face that wouldn’t be there if she had had the Botox lift. A humanitarian program for a war-afflicted region in Africa featured in the Youtube would get as less as one tenth of the views received by the video of birthday party orgy of a popular star.
Now it’s high time that the users stop giving undue attention to such goofy news and tittle-tattles .

I would like to end by reiterating the fact, not a rumor, mind it, that Spencer and Haffenreffer have been happily married for fourteen great number of years.

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