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How this is any different from previous "Girl" games by CrowdStar, we haven't in the slightest.
In Social Girl, players befriend different cliques of up to 25 virtual friends and unlock new and special outfits for unique dates with a boyfriend of their own creation.
The game is another phase in CrowdStar's Project Trident, its mission to gain foothold on Facebook, mobile and global platforms.
Virtual worlds provide an immersive environment where users create a digital character, or ‘avatar’, and navigate through a virtual world, while interacting with real people from around the world.
Teams participated in an event for high school students in which student and RISEnet avatars met in an “in world” space for a presentation on “Solar Variability and its Impact on Climate Change” by Dr. This entry was posted in For Teachers, In the Museum, MiaSci at Large, Partnerships and tagged avatar, Girls RISE, Joanna Haigh, Virtual World. This gorgeous little part of town was hand made in Roblox, and is a space anyone can visit and enjoy and after your visit you can also make any place you want. When your magical kingdom is attacked by the evil wizard you have to rebuild it all up before he comes back.
Kickstart your very own popstar career!Take singing lessons, give performances and go on tours to get fans and in-game cash.Enjoy a world of classic gaming, fashion contests and other fun stuff in this virtual world. Relive the Farm Frenzy experience in this new title.Breed turkeys, produce eggs, pancakes and other products to earn more coins.Do you have what it takes to save your granny's farm from foreclosure? Innerstar University is a program that works with My American girl dolls so that you can enroll them in the University. For full review click here.

About UsWe provide information about available social and multiplayer games, suitable for tweens. On this website you can find various reviews of kids online virtual worlds, including pet games, fashion games and games with chat rooms. Nevertheless, Social Girl is the developer's most successful mobile game to date, garnering over 1 million downloads in the past week. But at first glance, Social Girl doesn't seem to live up to its title: The only remotely social feature found within is Game Center achievements. 0 Here is a list of games that are similar to Lady Popular.Movie Star PlanetNo matter what type of vibe you try to pull off, you’ve spent at least some portion of class fantasizing about being a movie star. On May 6-7, teams from the California Academy of Sciences, COSI, Explora, Miami Science Museum, NYSCI, OMSI, Saint Louis Science Center, and Sci-Port met at the Miami Science Museum to explore using virtual world technologies in this endeavor. This platform is used by many institutions, such as colleges, universities, museums, libraries and government entities. The Miami Science Museum is exploring strategies to use this unique technology to spark excitement about science and lead young people to think of themselves as someone who is informed about science as well as can make a contribution to science. With the help of your Shmoo's plant crops, build new homes and find the resources you need.
And no, this isn't an update for the developer's existing iOS and Android social game, Top Girl. Such numbers helped the girly game become the sixth most grossing game on the App Store this week, displacing the almighty Angry Birds. At any rate, this take on CrowdStar's successful "Girl" franchise seems to focus far less on social (that's strange) play between friends and more on a self-engineered experience.

Perhaps these will come in a future update, but Social Girl could have used a more fitting name. Play NowMore About This GameDream Miningit centers on not only fashion, but music and film as well. This is a brand new game challenges players to become to most popular girl in town by making virtual friends and creating the boy toy of their dreams. Essentially, anyone with a hint of creativity will love this amazing space that lets you design, sing, and make your own videos!
Participants then interacted in the real world with the students to learn from them about their experiences with virtual worlds. Unlike other virtual games, the options here are pretty impressive, and you’ll never get bored! Play NowMore About This Gamei-DressupIt is another game for the fashion lovers but it’s not just another game. In the game, you can dress up the dolls or design your own dress and let your avatars try them on.
Besides fashion shows, there are a lot of places in this game that you can hang around and play games in.

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