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A toilet trainer seat, also known as a toilet seat reducer, on the other hand, is a seat insert that fits on a regular toilet seat, creating a smaller seat and opening for a little boy or girl. With toilet training seats, there are no special receptacles to empty and clean; just flush the toilet after your child finishes going to the bathroom.
Finally, many parents view a child toilet seat as an ideal tool to help their young child transition more easily and successfully to using the regular toilet.
Selecting the right baby potty seat can help motivate your child to succeed in toilet seat training.
Potty training girls or boys is made a lot easier by choosing the right child toilet seat, as so many parents have discovered. That said, many parents have been happy with their purchase and expressed their approval by giving certain baby toilet seats numerous five-star reviews.
This toilet trainer by Babybjorn has more than 300 five-star reviews to its name, even though it’s one of the more expensive models. This is another toilet seat training system that can also be used as a self-contained potty chair. Your child may be ready for a toilet training seat or a potty chair; you may choose one or the other depending on various factors.
The First Years makes several toilet training seat designs, but we like the Soft Potty Seat best. It will fit on elongated toilets, but it will move a bit – it doesn’t fall off – it just wiggles a bit as they get on and off.
The Travel potty includes a pack of 10 Liners and more are available separately.  Each liner has inside it a soft absorbent pad, designed to absorb the fluids, the liners have large easy to tie handles making disposal easy and hygienic.
Disney Princess Magical Sounds Potty System makes toilet training easier and less intimidating for your toddler.
The detachable potty seat has a soft cushion for your child's comfort, and detaches to fit the family toilet. Bought this on the recommendation of a salesperson in the jojo maman Marlow shop - it's useless. Nice seat to look at and well padded so soft for child's bottom but there the only good points. Our little girl (22 months) took to the seat straight away and much prefers using it to her potty now.

Bought this for my two year old to encourage him with his potty training and he really likes it. This seat is excellent, it fits well so doesn't slip when used, and the handles provide that extra bit of confidence. The experience can be both challenging and rewarding, and you might want to buy the best toilet training seat to help your young son or daughter achieve a measure of independence in the bathroom.
Some children also, for some reason, become curious about their feces and want to touch it. It’s important to choose a seat that your baby will like and feel comfortable in, so that he will have no reservations about continuing to use it.
One with crevices or seams can be more difficult to clean, and your child’s skin might get pinched in those spaces. Compare the three toilet training seat models below to help you make a more informed buying decision. People who have purchased it love it because it’s easy for a child to learn how to put the seat on the toilet, it fits securely even on curved, elongated toilets, and it feels solid and sturdy. It can actually be used as a stand-alone potty chair or as a potty seat placed on top of a regular toilet seat. Get a comfy seat and all pee and poop should go into the toilet and not onto the floor or walls as can happen with boys. It has a high back and wide thick sides that make infants that can side up by themselves very secure (although you still shouldn’t leave them alone while toilet sitting). Although it does have crevices that will need scrubbing, it doesn’t not have pieces that need to be taken apart to clean.
The fun Princess design and sounds encourage your toddler to use the potty as his or her first toilet. It moves around too much on the toilet so my little boy slips around the whole time and doesn't feel secure on it. With the handles he feels safe and secure on the seat; he even needs encouragement to get off it. Later on, we’ll also show you some of the best toilet training seats according to the highest ratings and reviews from consumers.
You can place this in any room of the house, leaving the bathroom free for use by other people.

This could also happen if they use a normal toilet; however, their waste is much more accessible to them in a potty chair. Also, check if the seat has a wide base as this will help ensure that the seat stays stable. One parent said it was a lifesaver when they were at the beach and her toddler needed to go to the bathroom, and they were able to use it as a potty chair. As you can see, there are toilet training systems that can function either as a self-contained potty chair or as a toddler toilet seat reducer.
For girls, you want comfy, secure, and depending on yours or your little one’s preference, maybe something a little girlie for fun.
The Disney Princess and Minnie Mouse ones have a button on the handle that your child can push to make Disney sounds. This product also becomes a trainer seat for your toilet, and the sturdy base converts to a handy step stool. It’s small and compact, the perfect size for older infants and young toddlers, and folds up easily. Parents have given it rave reviews because of its sturdiness, the lack of extra parts to assemble or disassemble, and the seat’s snug fit on full-size toilets. We recommend you investigate these products further and read the toilet training seat reviews to buy the right one for your child’s needs. This can be a huge reward for some (they may not want to get off the seat), but for some it may scare them to have a toilet making noises.
You will need to take the padded seat off the frame for cleaning as urine does get into the space between the two. Potty chairs for boys also usually have a splash guard to keep urine from splashing around. Here are some of the other things that reviewers like about this padded toilet seat training system.

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