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Although I have potty trained before with my first child, my daughter is very different than my son and potty training is not going as well this time around.
And when I do start again, I am going to be prepared because I have the handy, dandy Me-ify Potty Star app and my daughter is going to love doing it with me, designing a little character that looks like her, reading the potty book, and earning rewards on the app! My daughter loves to listen to the story, especially since it is starring her, and the games and songs are fun and also a great reward for going potty too! Overall, this is a great potty training app for first time parents, second or third time potty training parents!

Although my daughter LOVES to sit on the potty, she has not actually gone on the toilet yet and I feel like I have tried everything already. This comprehensive app features a personalized eBook starring your child, 5 interactive potty games, 5 original potty songs, a reusable star rewards chart and helpful potty training tips. The rewards chart is a great way to reward my daughter when she does go potty on the toilet without having to make a reward being food, candy or anything unhealthy. There are great tips, fun stories and games, and children will love potty training when you use this app!

For now, we have stalled the potty training and I think I will try again in a month or so when she is a little older. I can always learn more and I loved reading these tips and refreshing my memory on great tips for potty training!

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