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I’m glad to say that the training took more or less 2 months and he has been a potty going kid for 2 - 3 months now.
So far, I have not really needed to use much acne products as I have pretty clear complexion (though not porcelain clear!) myself. Izac loves to play with my phone, that’s why I hate having unlocked cell phones lying around in the house.
With us being in the technology age now, I’m sure every household will own a PC or LCD TV and what not. Everything could be as calm as ever, and then suddenly when I move a certain pillow, he will start throwing tantrums and saying, “Not like that!
Mommy: (Talking to Ivan) “Tonight we quickly come inside the room and close the door, OK?
Normally, I would prefer to take pictures of the newborns when they are 14 days or less, as they tend to sleep better and let us put them in all kinds of positions since their bodies are still so soft. While it's not easy, following these steps can help you in potty training Yorkshire terriers. I think after countless times of trying to catch his pee with the bucket and failing, the first time he actually ask to use the potty was on Ivan’s birthday on 28th June (although nothing came out that time).
There were many accidents when he just didn’t feel like telling us that he needed to go. So far there are still accidents on and off, and sometimes like two weeks ago, he refused to tell use when he needed to go during daytime. Being gone for too long from this blog makes me lazy, as you can see from my sporadic entries these past few months.

I started work the week after the Raya holidays (6th October) and faced a mountain of faulty parts waiting to be sent out. The amount they spend on their cars for unnecessary upgrades (depends on how you see it, I guess) makes me cringe. Whenever I pass by people with acne prone skin, it makes me wonder if their acne is caused by product used, by improper hygiene or whether it is hereditary. I thought that if I managed to lose some weight from the fat burner program, I could do a fat burner review for those in the same dilemma. He has sent so many blank messages to my friends, I just hope they don’t mind receiving those once in a while.
My own home is strewn with HDMI cable in every nook and corner, all of which came with the electrical products we buy. Not like that!” And you know what, once that pillow has been moved, it will never ever be correct again. But like I said, there are so many babies being born and taking into consideration that some might need photo therapy (pun intended :P), we mostly ended up taking their pictures at more than 2 weeks old unlike the first one I ever did for Baby Lyan Fung with him being 8 days old.
However, he kind of decided to go cold turkey on this and didn’t want to wear diapers even at nights. Even now, they’re not all cleared yet, what with new stuff to do everyday while having to deal with the old stuff as well. Sometimes I think it would be better for them to get auto parts franchises so that they could kill two birds with one stone. I’m just wondering, is it cheaper to get books that can be found locally or is it cheaper to get through Amazon?

I guess the fat issue has been put on hold, hopefully shouting at the kids will help me lose some fat? Not only it’s disturbing them with the messages, he’s wasting my money sending those messages!
Armed with some props dug from home, I once again went with my partner in crime newborn shoots, Jazzmint.
So I had to go and buy a bed protector sheet from Mothercare to protect my dear bed (newly bought too just before I delivered). This time we had more props than before, as Jazz brought a basket and a red bag (as seen in the photo above) which were both usable. Jazzmint is also working and we only ever slot in these sessions on weekends or public holidays.
And the good thing is, Izac got himself trained up just in time for Jolie’s arrival too!
But really, Jolie is quite a good baby, probably because I co-sleep with her at nights so I hardly ever have to get up from my slumber too. I tell you, it can be very exasperating and more often than not, he will make me lose it too. Hence, if you pass by my housing area, don’t be surprised if you hear someone screaming like a banshee in the evenings.

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