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Potty Train In SessionsThe book Potty Training Boys the Easy Way: Helping Your Son Learn Quickly a€“ Even if Hea€™s a Late Starter by Caroline Fertleman and Simon Cove suggests starting off with potty training sessions.
Take It on the RoadI love Potettea€”ita€™s a portable potty your child can use in the car or discreetly at the park. Even as a first-time single mom with no dad in the house to help out, I managed to potty train my son in less than a week (actually, 5 days!), and you can too. Everybody Poops is another easily digestible book your child will love, especially if hea€™s mastered peeing in the potty but is reluctant about going number two. But it is a difficult and tough to train descriptive study of gender and roughage or fiber (fruits. Sign up for our free email newsletters and receive the latest advice and information on all things parenting. Give a Reward (and Get Creative!)Stickers, stamps on the hand, or a single M&M are all good potty prizes.

This means that youa€™ll want to train your child in the morning and afternoon for a few hours at home. If you reward with stickers at home, bring some in for the teachera€”shea€™ll gladly give them out to your potty pro.
If your child is ready to foray into the world of big kid underwear, it's helpful to have a few potty training secrets up your sleeve. This easy-to-use checklist comes with games and activities to help your child build essential skills for kindergarten.
Be Proactive at SchoolBe sure to alert your childa€™s teacher to the fact that you are actively potty-training at home. Because hea€™s not wearing a diaper or underwear hea€™ll have no place to put his pee or poop; he needs to put it somewherea€”in the toilet would be a good idea! If you leave the house, have a spare potty in the car or visit places youa€™re sure have public restrooms.

Kick it up a notch by taking your child to the dollar store so he can pick out a super-special potty prize for a training milestone like the first full day in undies or staying dry overnight.
When he does put it in the potty, make sure you both have a look (yuck, I know, but the visual is important.) Make flushing a huge deal by pointing at the swirling water and acknowledging the cool whooshing sound.
Have a male role model like Grandpa, a godfather or uncle show your son exactly what to do.
Remember, nighttime training often comes later than daytime training; you might want to focus on one at a time so you dona€™t overwhelm your kiddo.

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