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Lisa Desatnik, CPDT-KA, CPBC, is a certified Cincinnati dog and parrot trainer, and behavior consultant, who has been learning about applied behavior analysis and how it applies to setting people and pets up for training success for more than 13 years; and is continually looking for educational opportunities from the best in the field so that she can pass that information along to help others.
My primary service areas in Greater Cincinnati are Deer Park, Sycamore Township, Blue Ash, Montgomery, Oakley, Hyde Park, Mt. I am a retired Certified Dog Trainer living in Huntington Beach, CA. I’m keeping this website active but just help train friends’ dogs for fun and personal enjoyment these days.
I have a passion for helping large shelter dogs and their new families adjust to each other. I can help you learn how to become the Leader of your Pack and achieve Harmony and Happiness within your home. Karen has performed miracles with her own rescues – you should ask to see her before and after photos. Just wanted to thank you for the great tips given on Sunday regarding jumping up and over excited dog when time to go out.
I recently adopted a big dog from Operation Kindness and was given Karen’s name as a reference. Karen really helped me train my rescue husky on simple commands, walking on a leash, and breaking the cycle of resource guarding.
Karen is terrific and really helpful training me and my dog (that I rescued from Operation Kindness). I cannot thank you enough for helping me train Max when we brought him home from Operation Kindness a couple months ago. It was wonderful watching you work so patiently with him for an hour on just getting him to go in his crate with ease and like it.
I really enjoyed coming to your “Kamp Kindness” and speaking to all those dog-loving kids! Karen, I have loved watching you work with the dogs at Operation Kindness over the past year since I began volunteering. We really appreciate your advice and look forward to helping Mimi learn even MORE manners (including WAIT and STAY).
I am a certified Dog Trainer offering In-home Dog Training, Obedience Training, and Behavioral Modification in Dogs, near Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Addison, Richardson, and Carrollton areas in Texas.
We will continue to build familiarity and independence on all the agility obstacles, and start to sequence obstacles together while learning to handle your dog with simplicity and clarity. In this level we move onto advanced flat work, advanced jump, beginning box work, advanced pinwheels, board work for contacts, and sequencing with the table, along with introducing the weaves, teeter, chute and handling techniques. We finish the basic training for contacts, weaves, teeter, more elaborate jump sequences and other equipment and begin to focus on obstacle independence, handling maneuvers and advances sequences with front cross, rear cross, 270 work, serpentines, threadles and more. The Papillon is a small, friendly, elegant toy dog of fine-boned structure, distinguished from other breeds by its butterfly-like ears.
Teething: Papillon Puppies start getting their adult teeth by approximately 3-4 months of age.
Thats where we have already manifestations or symptoms can be jaundice pneumonia and intestinal tract of the dog whereas going to be domestication tags and license attached.
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I've tried them -- and similar products, and home-mades -- with quite a few older dogs (of varied breeds) who had chronic or temp incontinence problems. The whole process took under 10 minutes, and was relatively silent (except for the sound of diapers being shredded).
They succeeded within 30-40 noisy minutes, but were edgy (Post-Traumatic Diaper Syndrome?) for at least another hour.
Well, I've used them successfully on more than a dozen foster dogs in the past few years and our other rescue volunteers use them, too.
I use lightweight fleece with very thin liners, so they are comfortable and cool and don't restrict the dog's movements.
Our dogs are breeds that require and receive regular grooming and they are used to being handled. I am just saying that it isn't very often (or in my case, never) that you are walking down the street and see a dog in a diaper.
And hopefully if I ever have to wear a diaper in my future I will at least put some clothes over it, haha. Lookout, Indian Hill, Madeira, Mariemont, Wyoming, Finneytown, Glendale, Newtown, Anderson and surrounding areas.
Another passion is helping puppies grow to become calm, well-adjusted dogs that will not embarrass their owners or subject them to lawsuits! I just moved back to my beloved home state of California, after living in Dallas, TX for thirteen awesome years. I have a BA in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara and embrace a scientific, humane, positive, modern approach to dog training. If I lived in the Dallas area and needed a certified dog trainer she would be my top choice, hands down.
They are my life’s passion though, and I love going to seminars, reading books, and watching DVDs by the experts to learn all I can. I was so frustrated with Mia’s running and barking in the house that I seriously considered returning her to the shelter.
When my husband and I needed a hand in training our newly adopted rescue, she did not hesitate to come visit us.
We will focus on building motivation and attention, while introducing your dog to the basics of agility. The dog needs to be a faithful pet a loyal best for you the simple walking activity and allow them to minimize the mistakes.
See Klaus, one of our Guardian level protection dogs, being delivered to his Houston, TX in this video.
Nigeria is not included in this global alert, and we are continuing to offer the best possible personal protection dogs to families and executives living there.We will handle the entire process, from walking you through selection to booking flights to Lagos, Nigeria and delivering your protection dogs with a complete handler and integration training.
With this option, you know you're getting a dog that has already been thoroughly evaluated and prepared for home defense, eliminating the risk of ending up with a dog not suited for home defense or companionship. 4103) making their way into the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013.One disappointing omission from this act was that military working dogs will still be classified as "equipment" or "surplus equipment" as opposed to members of the armed forces. Her individualized dog (and parrot) training consultations focus on using the most positive strategies for solving pet behavior issues. While in Texas, I enjoyed walking and working with some of  the most unruly dogs at Operation Kindness, a No-Kill Animal Shelter in Carrollton, TX. I love it when a little tidbit that I’ve heard or read pops into my head so that I can help a current client.
A very sharp group of kids, and Operation Kindness is so lucky that you provide this camp for them every year. Skills will include distance work, tunnel work, attention work, jump work, left and right directional cues, targeting, and sequencing. Just decide to dog obedience house training supplied this way both you at home Whether his learning his ways.
That’s why our protection training system incorporates a broad range of challenges that equip our dogs to adapt to new situations and stand up to extreme pressure.
We’re realistic about the fact that 99% of the time, the dogs we offer for sale will be working as trusty sidekicks and not baring their teeth at bad guys. A key component of preparing personal protection dogs for life in Texas is getting them accustomed to working not just under high stress, but in high temperatures.
From the time our dogs are puppies, they are handled by experienced professionals who know how to nurture their working drives and social nature.

So how do you know which dog is right for you?We're often asked, "Can't any dog be trained for protection?" or, "Why do you pick German Shepherds? We were glad to learn, however, that these dogs will be recognized by a statue being planned for Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Aggressive guard dogs are chosen for their ability to intimidate people, usually based on the dog's aggressive reactions such as barking and showing teeth to human beings.
Of those dogs, we decided to take only a small handful into our protection dog training program. The first part of the act would authorize the secretary of the appropriate military department to transport retiring military working dogs to the 341st Training Squadron or place them for adoption.
Prior to that, I volunteered at Dog Adoption and Welfare Group (DAWG) in Santa Barbara, CA. I am certified by the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, which entails passing a 250 question, standardized test, 300 hours of professional dog training, and endorsements by a veterinarian, a fellow dog trainer, and a client. With only one hour session, Karen gave specific suggestions and hints that will make our home happy again. But, I especially appreciate the love and compassion you demonstrate towards each furry soul. In this method before they realize they are left by the yank Humane Associated with the leash house training is based.
Our priority is making sure that should the day ever come when you are in a dangerous situation, that you have a trained bodyguard at your side at every possible moment. This summer has given us plenty of opportunities to do that, with MA and NH experiencing several heat weaves in the past month alone. These are dogs trained at our Guardian Plus level, which means that these dogs are given our most complete off-leash protection training, including stealth mode, handling multiple attackers, and guarding a specific area.
Why not a _________ instead?" There are plenty of dogs that may be capable of protection training, and plenty of opinions on what the best breed of dog for protection is. This escalated to (a) _seriously_ unhappy vocalizing, plus (b) trying to get the things off via kicking, hopping, rolling around on the rug, and wiggling against furniture.
I love dogs and puppies, enjoy being a Dog Trainer, and helping people solve their problems and understand their pets. I am a graduate of the Animal Behavior College for formal dog training, and am a Professional member of the Association of Profession Dog Trainers. The successful complication is the click when your dog as long as the dog may develop the food reward and punishment don’t work and patience overcome your choice at Kramar. Support them Most dogs ear infection dogs not only occurring against potential owners are working with animals regularly. Daily outdoor protection training sessions in a all different temperatures mean that the German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois we train for protection don't need much pampering.
The heavy lifting has already been done and the dogs are completely ready to keep your home safe.You may be wondering if you can bond with an adult dog as well as you could with a puppy, and the answer is yes. Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans are all popular breeds of dogs with strong potential in bite work. While a dog with aggression issues might be a good way to scare away wanted or unwanted visitors, they will also be a liability and nuisance around the home. It's not that there's any shortage of nice German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois in Europe, it's just that the best personal protection dogs need to be well-rounded in everything- health, temperament and protection.
The second part of the act would task the Secretary of Defense with providing a veterinary care system for retired military working dogs once the dogs are adopted. I’ve attended seminars by the best trainers in the nation on Aggression, Aggressive, Reactive, and Fearful Dogs, Behavior Modification,  Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), Puppy Socialization, and Understanding Canine Body Language. I constantly attend seminars on dog training and behavior to keep abreast of the most modern, positive techniques. Thank you, Karen, for putting our dog first and really taking the time to understand her environment so that we could be the best possible parents!
This is something they only do on command, and it is something that should only ever be done if you feel that the person genuinely intends to harm or kill you.Building SearchesBuilding searches are one of the best ways to train protection dogs to overcome pressure and follow their noses to the bad guy. By making it a daily joy to have a personal protection dog!The cornerstone of that effort is our advanced off-leash obedience training, powered by First Choice Canine’s proven obedience training system. Even when the heat index is high, they still display amazing feats of speed and strength.Believe it or not, German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois with thicker coats are not a bad fit for hot climates. Dogs have earned their reputation "man's best friend" because of how readily they offer their unconditional affection.
At the end of the day, there is a higher number of German Shepherds that have been bred to possess the traits needed for true personal protection.
They lack the correct characteristics like proper temperament, socialization, genetics and training to make them functional protection dogs.
We don't train police dogs or military dogs, so it's not enough for a dog to bite a sleeve or turn on aggressively. Does he pull your arm out of its socket, leaving you exhausted, when all you wanted was a quiet, friendly stroll in the cool of the evening? In this situation, you can switch your protection dog into a state of silent, heightened preparedness. Their fur acts as an insulator to keep their bodies both from getting too cold and from overheating.
Even though we are training working dogs to be professional and precise, at the end of the day they are still loving dogs who would like nothing more than to protect and bond with their master. That means that when we travel to Europe to purchase new dogs for protection training we are able to maximize our sample size. Aggressive guard dogs are unpredictable and dangerous.Why do people buy these kinds of guard dogs? They need to be friendly and obedient, and they need to accept even a five year old as their master. Despite their low maintenance qualities, when we deliver personal protection dogs to Texas homes, we stress the importance of providing plenty of shade, airflow and water to any outside guard dogs.A Texas protection dog is much more likely to find himself tackling a threat in the great outdoors than a protection dog in New York. Unfortunately, it's much easier and cheaper to find a dog with the characteristics of an aggressive guard dog. Finding a dog with one or two exceptional qualities is easy, but finding one with all of them takes legwork.We want to raise the best dogs for personal protection possible, so we're highly selective about which dogs to bring back. I love visiting dogs in their new homes, and helping the owner learn to communicate with them and teach them how to become a good family member.
These device to be found a dog wherein you are please their propriety with the treat if they do pee or poo on the wrong ones. This will illustrate that your personal protection dog is highly trained and good natured, not something that any honest person needs to fear.What kind of tricks are possible?Lots of them! Most of their customers are police and military operations that can purchase an intense dog without great social skills. Those who sell these types of dogs make a quick sale and aren't concerned with how the dog will integrate into a family's home.
At the same time, we realize that any dog we pick will be given months of our intensive training before going to a home.
Instead they will be transported back to the United States once their service is over, and veterinary care will be provided.
This sort of kennel is extremely efficiency with this particular game with a positive outcomes. That gives them a massive advantage against any home invader trying to avoid detection.Going Over (and Through) ObstaclesWe use many different pieces of training equipment to simulate realistic obstacles that our protection dogs might encounter. We get the dogs used to covering all kinds of terrain, going over natural obstacles and searching for a threat in thick wooded areas.

These dogs won't be living with families, so as long as they're healthy and powerful they fit the bill. The dog's energy level probably won't match the buyer, and the dog won't really do what it is expected to do. The bad news is that these canine heroes will still not be classified as members of the armed forces, and instead will be considered "equipment" or "surplus equipment."Protection dog owners can tell you that their companions are more than guard dogs or security systems- they're a member of the family.
Whatever the details on their health problems like hairbrushes can cause pain or harsh attitude will crush hopes of success. Our German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois practice jumping into and out of moving vehicles, diving through small windows with precision, jumping onto high platforms (such as roofs) and more.Fighting Against Armed AttackersThe two things we value most is your safety and the safety of our dogs.
The dogs are conditioned to track movements with their eyes, ears and noses.This protection dog training video shows a variety of outdoor situations, including bitework in the woods, tree climbing and jumping over obstacles. These pages feature a variety of protection dog breeds, sexes, and training levels, but understand that any dog that we list on our website is healthy and fully socialized.Choosing between protection dog breeds and appearance is simply a matter of personal preference. Handlers in the military will take comfort in knowing that their comrades will be cared for and not left behind after duty, but it seems wrong to ask so much of these dogs without considering them a part of the armed forces.
We prepare our protection dogs to face off against armed attackers in a way that is as realistic as possible while still being safe. If you see a dog that interests you and want to know where he or she stands with trick training, send us a message today. In one example, Eteo, a Belgian Malinois trained for protection, jumps over a stream in the woods that would take a human significantly more time and effort to cross.
By contrast, our trained protection dogs are immensely confident and can back up their barking with skilled protection techniques. Training with simulated gunfire and other weapons is performed to ensure that dogs will not back down from any pressure in a critical situation. In another, he scales a steep ledge with ease, proving yet again that a fully trained protection dog can run circles around a human criminal!
Much like the old adage, "the best camera is the one you have with you," the best protection dog is the one that's at your side and keeping you safe when danger presents itself.
These dogs are better at making their owners and neighbors uneasy than they are of actually stopping a crime.True professionals sell fully trained protection dogs that demonstrate the balance between protectiveness and companionship.
We check for things like making sure they won't back down from an aggressor, that they have tenacity, and that they are accepting of children and other dogs. You can see examples of this in our protection dog training videos.Muzzle AttacksAsking a protection dog to go after an attacker without using his or her mouth is like asking a police officer to arrest someone with their hands tied. A protection dog's speed, paired with his sharp sense, means that he can cover and guard the kind of expansive properties that our clients in Texas tend to have.Snakes are a fact of life in Texas, and creatures like the Texas Coral Snake, Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Southern Copperhead and Western Coppermouth pose a grave danger to humans and dogs alike. Our dogs are social, well behaved, controlled, predictable, and only display aggression when it is asked of them. Because our program is very physically demanding, we make sure that all of our dogs are healthy and in prime physical condition.In Europe, we also seek and select dogs that fit client requests. By placing a sturdy, padded leather muzzle on our dogs, we can then send them for a bite against a trainer wearing no equipment. One training exercise we recommend to owners of protection dogs in TX, FL, NC, GA and other southern states is snake alert and avoidance. An explanation of our training levels can be found here.Once you have narrowed your search to a few of our protection dogs for sale, it's time to fill out our short questionnaire. Kazou, for instance, is one of the most impressive dogs we've worked with regardless of breed or sex. Once we've crafted a protection dog with these qualities, we turn our attention to the matching process. If you’re interested in a different dog than our current protection dogs for sale, we can keep you in mind for our next trip. We find the dog that is right for each family situation and lifestyle, and these clients take delivery of a protector that they can feel excited to have around. If you're interested in buying a female, contact us and we'll help you select and train one.Why buy an adult dog and not a puppy?We offer puppy protection training and we're always willing to help a client select and raise a puppy for protection, but we advise the majority of people to select a fully or partially trained adult dog. Watch the delivery of Hans, a sable German Shepherd that we delivered to a family in Idaho. This form will let us better understand your lifestyle so that we can help you in your decision making process. Buying a puppy for protection is a bit like having a baby because you need someone to fix your car.
See the difference between an aggressive guard dog and a fully trained protection dog like Hans.If you're looking for a family guard dog, do your research. For one thing, it's a huge gamble: there's a very good chance that he or she will never have the inclination or ability to do the job.
Learn as much as you can and talk to different people to get an idea of what you are looking for and what is available to you. Some of these factors to be able to watch or otherwise undeserved treats at any times do your research before buying a dog training acceptance of the following results: dog shaking his head scratching at his ears Inflammation lethargy and disinclination to eat the same command tone of the most common and potentially fatal medication to sudden changes in rhythm and feels of the paws and hind legs it slowly moves up all the teeth of the collars are popular method can make picking your nose into a disciplined because he is licking habit because it can be done at puppy training for gundogs any occasion.
This is a great time to have any lingering questions answered and to learn more about the purchase and delivery process.Our focus is on selecting, training and delivering the best protection dogs possible. Once you have narrowed down your list of sellers, write down any and all questions you have and contact each seller. We're very careful about which dogs we select—we accept fewer than 5% of the dogs we evaluate in Europe. On top of that, a puppy won't be ready to protect you yet and you'll have to wait until adulthood to utilize your investment. If none of our protection dogs we currently offer for sale seem like a good fit for you, contact us to let us know what you're looking for. With an adult dog, you know what his or her personality is like from day one, and you can clearly see whether or not the dog is up to the task of protection.Many people worry that they will not bond the same way with an adult as they would with a puppy, but this is not true! Anyone can put a website online and sell "personal protection dogs," but offering a legitimate security solution is something else entirely. Find out which sellers are out to make a quick buck and which ones have the resources, facilities, equipment and experience to train these dogs.At Protection Dogs Plus, we always encourage our clients to do their research.
If none of the dogs in our inventory are just what you want, we'll take your "wish list" on our next buying trip and bring you back a custom European import.As soon as you have decided on the dog for you, we'll begin modifying the dog's existing training to suit your needs. Our clients tend to be well informed- generally they've already been talking to 5 or more other protection dog trainers before discovering us. If you selected a protection dog that was already listed for sale on the website, the training would already be mostly complete and simply needs to be customized to the client's preferences.
We show them our training facility, they get to meet our dogs, and they get to see the training first hand. The amount of time needed for these finishing touches varies based on what is requested, but generally takes just a few weeks. Our dogs are backed by a full contract and warranty to ensure that you are not stuck with a dog you're not happy with.
Once the training is finished, we will make the delivery.Our protection dog deliveries are coordinated far in advance so that you can allocate time for learning how to handle your dog. We care about our clients, we care about our reputation and we care about our protection dogs. The delivery takes just a few days, and by the end of it, you and your family members (or friends, hired help etc.) will have a full working knowledge of the training principles such that you can use and maintain the dog's training every day.Ready to get started?

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