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The Green Potty Seat II for Girls is a unique potty seat because it goes under the toilet seat and gives the child a feeling of security.
The Green Potty Seat II for Girls is a comfortable toilet trainer that helps your child feel safe and fits snuggly inside your existing toilet seat. My personal opinion is that you start training them by sitting down and then once they have mastered potty training and are accident free, you then teach them to urinate standing up!
No matter which path you take - this green urinal for boys is perfect for toddler boys who are learning to urinate standing up! This little urinal gives your toddler the independence to go and urinate when he needs to go; he can easily reach the urinal - it is at his level. The urinal can be attached to the toilet or the shower with suction cup or to the wall with screws. But, in an effort to give his new pup some "independence," one Redditor was inspired to build an outdoor DIY porch potty so the little guy can take care of business all on his own.

This DIYer shared photos of the process on Reddit, where we learned a little bit about the gadget's mechanics. Cutting down trees, or even removing branches requires climbing and working with dangerous tools from a high distance off the ground. It is designed to be low to the ground to encourage the more natural squatting position for toileting. This potty seat has a large splash guard, high back rest and is designed for toddler girls potty training. The platform is made from a 2' x 6' bottom-draining water heater drip pan, a slab of plywood cut to the same dimensions (with a hole for the drain sprout) and an expanded steel frame to support the dog's weight. This is disaster waiting to happen, and definitely something better left to professionals who are trained and paid to do this! The Potty Patty brand is known for having durable, PVC-free plastics that are recyclable, and this potty seat is no exception.

It is meant to go under the toilet seat so it will be secure, so if it doesn't fit, it would just sit on top & slide all around. We deliver to any area within South Africa and if you wish for a delivery beyond our borders give us a call and we can give a quote based on your location. Finished with a bed of astroturf and a lid to hold everything in place, we couldn't be more impressed with this doggie's owner.

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