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Playing games in the classroom or at home can help young learners practice vocabulary and grammar structures without even realizing how much they are learning!
For Halloween, you can change the chant to "Who took the candy from the trick-or-treat bag?" To add even more of a Halloween theme, assign different roles to each of the students in the class.
Tell all the students, "Close your eyes." When all the students have closed their eyes, walk around the circle and place the piece of candy under one of the students.
To help introduce the chant, and to create a playfully spooky atmosphere, play "Who Took The Candy?" from Super Simple Songs - Halloween. Prepare a group of 10 or so Halloween-themed picture cards from the Super Simple Songs - Halloween - Complete Flashcards set.
The teacher asks one of the students, "How many pieces of candy do you want?" The student can say a number between 1 and 10. If the "it" card (the ghost) appears, the students run back to their wall while the teacher acts like a ghost and tries to catch a student. A great way to introduce this game is to sing "Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat?" from Super Simple Songs - Halloween. This game is a fun follow-up to singing, "Can You Make A Happy Face?" from Super Simple Songs - Halloween.
Halloween, with the jack-o'-lantern decorations all around, is a great time to discuss facial expressions and feelings.
Use the jack-o'-lantern flashcards (happy, sad, scared, and angry) from the Super Simple Songs - Halloween - Complete Flashcards set, or draw your own! If you'd like to play this game competitively (for children 5 and older), you can separate the class into teams. Variations: Instead of making faces, you can draw a jack-o'-lantern outline on the whiteboard, and have the students draw the emotions on the jack-o'-lantern! Select some Halloween character cards (for example, goblin, monster, skeleton, and witch) from the Super Simple Songs - Halloween - Complete Flashcards set, or draw some of your own! The Tickle Monster should intentionally move slowly and not catch any of the students at first, allowing all the students to reach the correct corner.

When the students reach the corner, they can they can chant "Go away, Tickle Monster!" until the Tickle Monster retreats to the other side of the room. If the Tickle Monster catches a student, he can tickle the student briefly and then the student becomes the Tickle Monster! A great lead-in to this game is singing, "Go Away, Spooky Goblin!" from Super Simple Songs - Halloween.
Whether you are at home with your child or teaching in a preschool or primary school, these Christmas songs for Kids will come in very handy as the Christmas season approaches. The links below will take you to each song where you can find the words and chime bar video clips to show you how it goes.
If you enjoyed this post, come and join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Google + or subscribe to our free bi-weekly newsletter for many more musical ideas! Check out our Christmas lesson plan for lots of seasonal musical activities all wrapped up in a structured lesson plan, with detailed teaching notes and supporting printable.
Halloween is a great time to bring back some of your favorite classroom games, or introduce some new games, but with a holiday twist.
Check out each individual song page from the Super Simple Songs - Halloween CD for lyrics, gestures and game ideas.
For example, one student is a ghost, one student is a witch, one student is a monster, one student is a pirate, etc.
Return to your seat and tell the students, "Okay, open your eyes!" Show the students that your trick-or-treat bag is empty. Download a set of "Who Took The Candy?" playing cards which allow you to play the game with younger students and pairs or small groups.
With the backs of the flashcards facing the students, the teacher shuffles through that number of cards. If the teacher does catch a student, that student can now join the teacher, or replace the teacher.
Mimic the expression of the face on the pumpkin and try to elicit the emotion from the students.

If your class would prefer just to enjoy playing the game together (usually the best option for children under 5), there is no need to make teams or keep score.
When the teacher calls out a flashcard, the students should move to that corner of the room while avoiding the Tickle Monster. There are some action songs, a couple to sing with puppets, and some craft activities to accompany them, so there’s something for everyone from toddlers to children of around 7 years of age. You will probably recognise some of the familiar tunes, and this should make them easier to pick up and remember in time for Christmas. Ask them "Who took the candy from the candy bag?" Look around the circle as if you are trying to figure out which student has the candy. Have all of the students line up against the wall on one side of the classroom, while the teacher stands with the picture cards on the other side of the classroom. When the ghost flashcard appears, the teacher will become a ghost and try to "catch" one of the students.
For example, if the student says, "5," the teacher shuffles through 5 cards, and then quickly turns the cards around to face the students. For example, if you are looking at the happy jack-o'-lantern card, make a happy face and try to elicit "happy" from the students. It should be playful, with anticipation building as the students get closer and closer to the opposite side of the room. If that is the case, ask them if they will help you shuffle the cards as you play the game.

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