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At some part of your life (usually when you were young and naive or old enough to experience paternal and maternal instinct) you would imagine having a nice family with your partner and maybe a kid or two to form this thing call the "Happy Family".  Are you sure it's all happy family?
As for myself, I do have a dad but he's never the biggest role model in my life and I've no idea what kind of dad I would be. And by the way, if you find this story kinda familiar (and at the same time you are into French movies), it is because this is actually a "remake" or a French movie in 2011 - Starbuck. If you need to cry a little in the cinema, you can go for this show to get touched or maybe Vince Vaughn dry humour can do the job too.
Mahjong is not just a game of money and luck but also a game of wits, body language reading and of course a very healthy social event.
I am pretty sure you can tell that I am pro Mahjong with that very positive intro of the game.
I know friends who will meet random people online or friends of friends just to play mahjong over the weekend but that is one of those things that I cannot do.
Because he lost round 1, he is making you guys go for round 2, round 3, round 4, round 5 until either you give up and let him win or he runs out of patience.
I love kids, I love playing with my niece and nephews and I've a long resume of baby sitting and it's definitely not the late hours or diapers changing that is scaring me. I cannot stand people who has basically 0 folds on table and pong chi pong chi all the random suits and HOPE to get a flower in order to win.
Lose already black face whole night, don't talk to people, give people attitude, scold people, curse people, etc etc. I hate to lose in certain things in life even till today but I guess I had it the easy way for me when it comes to mahjong because I started really young. She totally caught my attention at 1st glance but Venus Wong ???'s character had more to show in the show.

Money, school, a good "green house" to ensure that he grows up to be successful and has a good future.
To me winning is not important, it is about the process of the game and like I mentioned, social gathering. Think very slow and worst part is not during their turns they just refuse to pay attention and look at phone and what not. I once had a friend who lost almost everything in the drawer (which was only $50 I think) and instead of counting the left over, she pulled her drawer out, threw the rest of the remaining little chips she had and said, "give you all lah give you all lah.
My brother and dad was very strict about me being a sore loser especially when I was younger. The good thing is that it's consistent and the bad thing is we know it's Vince being Vince.
As bizarre as it sounds for someone to have 533 kids, it still managed to touch me at the end of the show.
Not exactly a thing I am proud of if you look at it as a form of gambling but it has taught me a lot too. I am not too sure about you guys but there are some mahjong players that I simply can't stand!
I don't play usually play like 50cent $1, so end of the night your lost can be as low as a few dollars to max $50-$60 for a whole night.
The son took the dad's money, not take care of them and not even visit them after he got married. The usual underdog, getting himself into trouble at every corner of his life and he will do what he think it is right and good thing just comes along.
And if you put in some effort to do a little search, you will know that it IS possible and it had happened as someone holds the records of most number of kids recorded at 800+.

Maybe because I 1st started playing Mahjong with my parents and brother and winning and losing ain't really the biggest thing that we try to achieve so when we see anyone losing until very badly especially on the last "wind", we will try to game a bigger game of at least 5 - 6 folds minimum. I know gambling needs a lot of luck but can you don't be so lazy and leave EVERYTHING to luck? I am bias like this, if I am willing to sit down to play Mahjong with you, that means I am very okay to lose to you as long as we all enjoyed ourselves and had a good time. Where else on the other hand, I've seen the opposite even when the parents didn't do as much. My brother answer to me was we never know when we will be ready, but we just do it and we will be ready. With such gentlemanly (I would shamelessly call myself a gentlemen in this case) practice at home, it is hard for me to accept people who win 1 fold just to finish the game because they already won a lot and do not want to offer others a chance. I hate it when people just leave the room without paying and keeps forgetting and there after I have to keep chasing.
He will say things like "small money only, I HAVE!" As times goes by and you "lose more often", you start to understand that it is not just about winning sometimes.
I am not sure if I am ready to change my lifestyle and give up buying my toys to buying their toys really.  So do I want a kid?

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