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Our popular Parks in 3D section has featured hundreds of 3D photos taken in and around theme parks worldwide. While visiting Universal Orlando yesterday to ride Jaws a few more times before it closes (more on that soon), I made a stop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to test out the new 3D video option for the first time.
Most are probably going to watch the red-blue anaglyph on the desktop, but for folks like me, with a converting YouTube-capable smart-3DTV, it converted perfectly.
Even if you’re not one of the faithful yet, we could use more footage from the Orlando folk–Too much Paris and Anaheim on the Tube! Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view. Em Harry Potter 3D Slideshow Saver voce vera imagens do famoso bruxinho fazendo varias magias dentro da biblioteca.
Projeto tem como finalidade estabelecer princípios, garantias, deveres e direitos para empresas e internautas. Since growing up in Miami, Florida and ultimately moving to Orlando after college, Ricky has become an expert on Central Florida's many theme parks and attractions.
We do not have a Regal or Edwards theater in Grand Rapids; however, Star Theaters in Grand Rapids on Alpine Ave is an AMC theater.

Em cada uma, ele ira gerar uma imagem do filme, onde aparecem diversos personagens, incluindo ele proprio.Os efeitos sao impressionantes e deixarao voce encantado.
That is good to know that they will be giving them out at midnight showings.To see whether or not your local theater is distributing these glasses, visit their website. Todas as imagens sao em tres dimensoes, deixando o ambiente ainda mais interessante e voce podera ver personagens como Hermione e Rony e toda a turma de Harry Potter. Remember, these are not available for IMAX presentations of the film and you do have to give the IMAX glasses back for re-use and washing.
Considerado um dos filmes de maior sucesso de todos os tempos, Harry Potter conquistou inumeros fas que esperam com grande expectativa a estreia de um novo filme ou um novo livro.
To see what the glasses look like, view the photo next to this post.I wish I were going to the midnight show of Harry Potter to get these! Ha inclusive concursos de cosplay onde pessoas se fantasiam como os personagens do filme.Entre no mundo de magia e veja varias imagens com o protetor de tela Harry Potter 3D Slideshow Saver!

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