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Luna presumably obtained it in 1992, when she was eleven years old, likely from Ollivanders Wand Shop, and used it until halfway through her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The wand was confiscated when Luna was abducted by Death Eaters in 1997 in order to force her father to cooperate with the Voldemort-controlled Ministry of Magic. After they were rescued by Dobby during the Skirmish at Malfoy Manor, Ollivander constructed a new wand for Luna, with which she practised while staying at Shell Cottage before the Battle of Hogwarts.
In the film adaptations, Luna's wand has acorn patterns etched across the length of the wood.

Judging from the acorn patterns on the wand, it is possible that the wand is made from oak. This wand, like Hermione Granger's wand, is one of the few wands in the film adaptations that does not have an obvious handle. Cormac tried to take Ron's spot as keeper, cracked Harry's skull and basically attacked Hermione under the mistletoe. Luna spent months in the dungeons of Malfoy Manor with fellow prisoner Garrick Ollivander, the famed wand-maker, to whom she was a great comfort.

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