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With the global population soaring towards 9 billion people by 2050 current levels of meat and dairy consumption are not sustainable on our limited earth. Tomato consensus: Thrilling, powerfully acted, and visually dazzling, Deathly Hallows Part II brings the Harry Potter franchise to a satisfying -- and suitably magical -- conclusion. Harry, Ron and Hermione search for Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes in their effort to destroy the Dark Lord. The movie started off very well, starting from exactly where it left off in Part 1 and staying faithful to the book all the way to when Harry and co break into Hogwarts. All in all, all of the personality and charm of the series was zapped away in an attempts to make this final movie is action-packed as possible. We all grew up overtime with the series, we followed the adventures of Harry Potter for around 10 years, I think. Should have shown more entities involved in the fight, like parents, Hogsmead residence, the elves as lead by Kreacher - rather than showing mainly an army of kids fighting the Death Eaters.
The final confrontation between Harry and Voldemort could have been done better and stayed truer to the book. Deathly Hallows part 2 ends this incredibly well produced saga with tremendous grace and a beautifully orchestrated climax that I am sure will satisfy both lovers of the books and films.
If you have read the books as I have you will be glad to know major key moments are intact. There are at least 2 sequences so powerful that I defy anyone not to at least stifle a tear or choke a little.
I have to say, that despite the woes we book readers have when elements (big chunks of it too) are omitted from the movies, much credit still has to go to Steve Kloves for adapting the books for the big screen, cleverly weaving, changing and even adding new big elements to give a kinetic flow to the narrative and here it all comes together superbly. David Yates assured direction has nurtured our young actors in the last 4 films to blossom into even more adept actors who convey their characters with natural tones without overacting. Pretty much all the characters we have met in all the movies have made an appearance in this finale but one actor stands out, Alan Rickman. Another actor who really shines in the few scenes that he has, is Matthew Lewis as Neville Longbottom who we see gradually transforming over the past films from the clumsy bullied boy to a brave warrior in this final film.
As for the spectacle of the battle and showdowns, while not at the scale of Lord of the Rings, I honestly cant think how it could have been done better as the film makers have intertwined heart stopping action with dramatic progressions in the narrative. What an amazing achievement to faithfully bring Rowling's epic saga to the big screen with the same cast and largely the same crew, maintaining the brilliant quality right to the end. All images and subtitles are copyrighted to their respectful owners unless stated otherwise. You know, just for kicks… take a look at these Greta Garbo items just because I like her so much. I just want to know, from the people that bought the first run of copies… is it the same as the re-issue?

I was horrible last time, and I’m actually pretty horrible at keeping track of the music lately. I was looking for some photographs on my backups, and ran into this piece – which I had uploaded to DeviantArt before it was taken down by them.
It appeared as if they would show it, as I hope they would (I've always wanted to see the other common rooms), but then they don't. No, the teachers think it's OK to just lock the Slytherins in the dungeons and let everybody else stay and fight. It's a shame to see something that you've grown up with, learned to love, taken and twisted into somebody's 'vision.' I mean, why bother adding your own unimportant scenes to the movie, when there are perfectly good ones in the book that you did not bother using at all? It would have helped to explain why Harry named one of his kids after a man he had hated for 7 years. This wouldn't have taken very long and Fred deserved to have his death scene, rather than just being an afterthought body on a stretcher.
Much is missing but I won't dwell on that, no point, its how well this movie plays out and for me it rolls wonderfully between excitement, thrills and emotional drama towards a satisfactory (though a slightly rushed) conclusion.
One of those sequence is an exquisitely executed flashback that is pivotal to the whole story.
Daniel Radcliffe had to carry this movie more than any other and has done so brilliantly complemented with great support from his two companions, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. His portrayal of Professor Snape has always been a joy to watch (if a little novel) but here his scenes will leave a dramatic engraving in my memory. Many other British thespians of the series also have their few moments to shine especially Maggie Smith's Professor McGonagal who was a delight to watch as she takes charge of the defence of Hogwarth School. Its actually more visceral and dynamic than the rather smaller scale battle of the brilliant novels (not to take anything away from Rowling's writing). Well, yeah… $30USD seems a bit too much to me, who has hundreds of albums and hundreds of DVDs. No idea why though~ Also, I’m pretty sure I might be repeating or missing some albums hahaha ~~ go figure that one too.
I've always enjoyed the memories, because you get to see life at Hogwarts through the eyes of someone else for a change, in a different time era. Here he elevates his portrayal of one of the most complex character in young adult literature to an unforgettable piercingly emotional one. I mean, where have we ended up in, when some 45-year-old kills old people… with Alzheimer!! I mean, if you did so well in the first half, you have to do just as well in the second half, right? They show his body once at the end and don't even give you time to grieve before moving on to the next scene.

With that, I was extremely excited to see the end of the film franchise, and impressed with the trailers.
The set designers, cinematographers really need to be awarded for their work, because it looks like they spend of time and money on the look of the film.
The first time you see the film is so SO difficult~~ it’s such a hard theme, and characters you just want to slap around. There was just so much significance that was left out of that movie, and it is such a shame. Although I think Ralph Fiennes was the star of the film, he did unbelievable job as the evil, crazy Lord Voldemort, I think he deserves an Oscar Nomination for his role. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II is not only the best film in the series, but it will probably be one of the best films of 2011. IT happened so fast, you could miss that Jinny was even fighting Belatrix if you blink at the wrong time. I was a kid not long ago, and I felt so disconnected from THAT reality… yet, the film. At least to me, and to all the people that had bought the first issue of the album~~~ and maybe the reason WHY it was re-released. They should have made it a Trilogy (as all great movies are made, like 'The Godfather Trilogy', 'The LOTR Trilogy', original 'Star Wars Trilogy', The Bourne Trilogy', etc.) or they should have increased the length of the 2 parts.
It had such potential to be a fantastic movie, and it fell short all because of the changes that were unnecessarily made. And thankfully it did not disappoint, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, blew past my already high expectations and I was enthralled!
He didn’t work there, or had relatives there~~ so… he just went there and killed these old people with Alzheimer? We’ve never heard of a 45-year-old man entering a motorcycle bar to kill a few, right? The problem is that such a quick pace leaves out many key scenes and doesn't allow the viewer to make more of an emotional investment in the story and the characters. A few additional scenes and extending a few of them just a little more could have added greater depth and emotion.

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