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Now bear in mind that I have experienced the whole Harry Potter series by reading all of the books (like they used to do).
That being said and with my expectations at an all time high (as I greatly enjoyed the sixth book), you’d think that the film of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince would be a disappointment. The biggest financial success in the Harry Potter series was the fifth film (Order of the Phoenix).
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince excludes many scenes from the novel, but you feel confident that these will be addressed in the seventh film. A new character has been introduced in Half Blood Prince in the form of Professor Slughorn (played by Jim Broadbent). The original child actors: playing Harry, Ron and Hermione have certainly gotten better over the years.
The setting of the Harry Potter world is (as always) quite stunning but somehow I always hope for consistency throughout the films. Strangely Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince doesn’t focus on the main character from the novel (i.e. The final scenes were handled extremely well (with slight adjustments made from the original story) and if they had ended when the screen faded to black, all would have been well. It is not the best Harry Potter in the series (that was Order of the Phoenix) but Half Blood Prince is close! Thank you for checking out our first of many gadget, mobile and Smartphone reviews that ushers in a new dynamic tangent for 4 out of 10.

I cannot be the only individual in the world that expects dancing broomsticks in the upcoming Disney film The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Perhaps then my judgement is already tainted as I can only name one film that measures up to my expectations after reading the novel (from which it was based). Throughout HBP you get the feeling that the tale is told in a leisurely way which is surprising as other incarnations have felt rushed somewhat. Broadbent excels in this role as the potions master with an eye for the excellent and a secret to hide. In fact the only problem is that of Watson who acts well within a group (banter between Hermione, Ron and Harry) but is useless when she is speaking one-on-one.
The Weasley household seems to have changed location since that last time it was onscreen; Hagrid’s hut seems to have moved a couple of miles away from the castle (since the first film) and new towers are added at will. It is highly entertaining, along with being amusing in all the right places, has characters that you are grateful to see and old faces to join in the fun. Unfortunately someone thought it necessary to add another unnecessary scene which ends the film generically. The newcomer to the series played by Jim Broadbent is a welcome addition and despite HBP being a darker tale, it is handled extremely well; making it ideal for families.
David Yates (director) showed that with tighter editing and correct casting, it is possible to make a film better than its source material.
It is strange that with some actors, a raising of an eyebrow can speak volumes to an audience.

Every single year I hope that she has put more effort into her performance but I am often disappointed. It is not a film about a strange potions manual but in fact a love story between teenagers and a kind of passing on of a torch. It was a good move then, to allow Yates to continue telling the story until its conclusion (Yates directed 6 and is directing both parts of 7).
I realise that each director is trying to add their own spin on the stories but it would be nice to have familiar surroundings. This makes for many squirmish moments as Harry and Ginny (along with Ron and Hermione) daintily dance around each other shyly for 2 hours. I’m not so convinced that she will have any sort of acting career beyond the world of Harry Potter. With this in mind then, Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince loses half-a-point for its lazy and uninteresting ending. There is no doubt that throughout Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince certain elements were missing from the story told in the novels. If they had cut out the unnecessary chit chat (lasting about 2 minutes) before the obligatory look at the sun shot, then this would have been a solid and highly recommended 5 star film.

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