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This article covers a subject that is part of the real world, and thus should not be taken as a part of the Harry Potter universe. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is the first instalment of a two-part film based on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. Before David Yates was officially chosen to direct the film, others had expressed an interest in the job.
Although Yates had retained composer Nicholas Hooper for Half-Blood Prince, John Williams (who composed the scores to the first three films) had expressed interest in returning to score the film - however he did not state which part he would be contributing to.
The first part ends as Lord Voldemort obtains the Elder Wand from Albus Dumbledore's tomb.[14] Interestingly, however, a number of media reviews of the film indicated that it ended with Harry, Hermione and Ron being captured by Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final adventure in the Harry Potter film series, is a motion picture event, told in two full-length parts. Part 1 begins as Harry, Ron and Hermione set out on their perilous mission to track down and destroy the Horcruxes—the keys to Voldemort's immortality. Meanwhile, the Wizarding world has become a dangerous place for all enemies of the Dark Lord.
In the summer of 1997, Rufus Scrimgeour, newly appointed Minister for Magic, addresses the wizarding world about Lord Voldemort's return to power, insisting that the Ministry will remain strong and defiant in the wake of recent events.
Concurrently, Severus Snape arrives at Malfoy Manor, where Lord Voldemort is holding a meeting with his Death Eaters.
While discussing their plans, Voldemort declares to his Death Eaters that he alone must be the one to kill Harry but that he requires another's wand to accomplish the deed. Days later, several members of the Order of the Phoenix arrive at the Dursleys' to move Harry to the Burrow. After the Order arrive at the Burrow, it is revealed that George's ear has been cursed off by Severus Snape. The next morning, Rufus Scrimgeour arrives and meets with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, revealing that Albus Dumbledore has left them several possessions in his will.
At the Wedding of William Weasley and Fleur Delacour, Harry meets Luna Lovegood and her father, whom Harry notices is bearing a strange symbol around his neck. After changing, they go to a small coffee shop to discuss their plans, when they are ambushed by Death Eaters again, disguised as city workers. The trio use Polyjuice Potion to take on the appearance of three Ministry officials and infiltrate the Ministry to retrieve the locket.
Arriving in the Forest of Dean, Harry and Hermione discover that Ron has been splinched, and while Hermione tends to his wounds, she tells Harry that they cannot return to Grimmauld Place as Yaxley has been revealed to it.
One night, Hermione comes to realise why Dumbledore has left Harry Godric Gryffindor's Sword.
Hermione is heartbroken by Ron's sudden departure and Harry attempts to cheer her up by dancing together and smiling. The two then notice that they are being watched by someone who appears to be Bathilda Bagshot. They return to the tent, where Hermione grows increasingly angry at Ron for having the audacity to return. Soon, Hermione proposes that they visit Xenophilius Lovegood saying that he could explain the mysterious symbol, which has again cropped up in The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. At Malfoy Manor, Draco Malfoy is asked to identify the real Harry Potter, but he hesitates in doing so. Harry, using the two-way mirror Sirius Black had given him, sees another man's face staring back at him. Voldemort breaks into Dumbledore's tomb and successfully retrieves the Elder Wand, unleashing a thunderbolt into the sky. The individual who uploaded this work and first used it in an article, and subsequent persons who place it into articles assert that this qualifies as fair use of the material under United States copyright law.
You may be looking for the second film, the novel, the video game, Part 1 or Part 2 of the soundtrack, Part 1 or Part 2 of the game soundtrack or the object of the same name. People have been so used to seeing Harry Potter at Hogwarts and we're just not there for the first part of the film. On their own, without the guidance or protection of their professors, the three friends must now rely on one another more than ever.

The long-feared war has begun and Voldemort's Death Eaters seize control of the Ministry of Magic and even Hogwarts, terrorizing and arresting anyone who might oppose them.
But as he searches for clues, he uncovers an old and almost forgotten tale—the legend of the Deathly Hallows. Meanwhile, Harry Potter watches as the Dursleys pack up their car and leave him behind in their empty house, waiting to seek protection from the Order of the Phoenix. Snape informs Voldemort of the date and time of Harry Potter's removal from 4 Privet Drive.
Alastor Moody informs Harry that since they cannot Apparate or use the Floo network without alerting the Ministry of Magic, they must fly to the Burrow.
He later talks with Elphias Doge, an elderly wizard and friend of Dumbledore's who wrote an obituary in The Daily Prophet about him. The trio subdue Antonin Dolohov and Thorfinn Rowle in a brief but violent skirmish and proceed to wipe their memories after Ron suggests killing them for what they did to Moody.
Pius Thicknesse, under Voldemort's Imperius Curse (or presumably not at all), has taken the position of Minister for Magic and decreed that all witches and wizards must be screened to determine their Blood status. After Ron is healed, Hermione casts enchantments around the tent they have set up to conceal them from the Death Eaters who are now looking for Harry; the trio try to destroy the locket, but to no avail. She tells him that the sword is Goblin-made, meaning that it does not retain rust or scratches, but it does imbibe any and all things that will make it stronger.
Hermione agrees, because she believes that the Sword of Gryffindor may be hidden there, in the home of Bathilda Bagshot. She beckons them inside her home, where Hermione finds a copy of Rita Skeeter's book titled The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore. Hermione tells him that they are in the Forest of Dean, where she has once visited with her parents, musing that they will not recognise her any more and vainly proposing that she and Harry turn away from their destinies and grow old together in hiding.
Ron reveals that Dumbledore's Deluminator not only collects and removes light sources, but it also guided him back to Harry and Hermione, conveniently when Harry was being strangled by the locket. And if the legend turns out to be true, it could give Voldemort the ultimate power he seeks. Similarly, Hermione Granger prepares herself for the journey ahead by wiping her parents' memories of herself. Voldemort toys with Charity Burbage, the former Muggle Studies professor at Hogwarts, whom he has bound and levitated before killing her.
The Order, including Ron, Hermione, and Fred and George Weasley volunteer to take Polyjuice Potion in order to disguise themselves as Harry so as to confuse the Death Eaters during the flight. That night, awoken by visions of Voldemort through their connected minds, Harry attempts to leave, feeling guilty that people have been injured for him. Dumbledore has left Hermione his copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, a children's story book. They are joined by Ron's Auntie Muriel, who suggests that Harry barely knew Dumbledore at all, informing him of several unknown facts about Dumbledore, including that he had a brother, Aberforth Dumbledore. In his search, Harry only finds the files in Umbridge's desk detailing the surveillance of his friends and their relatives. They decide that they will search the countryside for more Horcruxes while taking turns wearing the locket. As Harry has killed Salazar Slytherin's basilisk in his second year with the sword, the sword is now impregnated with basilisk venom, one of the few rare substances that can destroy a Horcrux.
As Harry proceeds to communicate with Bathilda, Bathilda responds in Parseltongue and does not directly answer Harry's questions, such as when Harry picked up a familiar picture in Bathilda's home.
She also reveals to Harry that his wand had been destroyed in the skirmish and that the man in the picture in Bagshot's home was Gellert Grindelwald, a dark wizard who was defeated in 1945 and a brief friend of Albus Dumbledore.
She orders Harry and Ron imprisoned in the cellar, where Luna Lovegood, the wandmaker Garrick Ollivander, and Griphook the Goblin are also being held captive.
At Harry's request, Dobby Disapparates with Luna and Ollivander to Shell Cottage and arrives back to free Harry and Ron.
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The Chosen One has become the hunted one as Voldemort's followers look for Harry with orders to bring him to the Dark Lord…alive. Ron Weasley also prepares himself for the journey, as he is seen standing outside the Burrow.

Prior to leaving with Hagrid aboard Sirius Black's motorbike, Harry releases Hedwig to meet them at the Burrow. To Harry, he has left the Golden Snitch that Harry had caught in his first Quidditch match. He also hears of Bathilda Bagshot, a celebrated wizard historian who lives in Godric's Hollow. 1." Meanwhile, Harry has a vision of Voldemort finding Gregorovitch, a foreign wandmaker, whom he interrogates, before killing. He later joins Ron and they go down to the courtroom, where a large group of Dementors are being used to scare the Muggle-borns on trial into submission and Umbridge is interrogating Mary. Soon, they realise that while wearing the locket, the wearer feels more angry, suspicious, fearful, and overall bad-tempered than normal. They pass into the graveyard, where Hermione discovers the same symbol upon a grave labelled "Ignotus Peverell." She looks up to find Harry standing in front of his parents' grave.
Xenophilius prods them on to read The Tale of the Three Brothers, and they learn of the three Peverell brothers. Bellatrix tortures Hermione on how they got the sword, which she believed to be in her vault at Gringotts. Several duels ensue between Narcissa, Ron, Harry, and Draco, but Dobby is able to cause a distraction in which Harry disarms Draco and Ron retrieves Hermione.
The Seven Potters are ambushed by Death Eaters during the flight to Devon, with the deaths of Mad-Eye Moody and Hedwig taking place. It was also intended for the Sword of Gryffindor to be left in Harry's possession, but it is missing and not eligible to give away anyway. The wedding is interrupted by Kingsley Shacklebolt's Patronus which warns the merrymakers that the Minister Of Magic has been killed, the Ministry has fallen and the Death Eaters are approaching. Kreacher and Dobby return with Mundungus, who reveals that he has given the locket to Dolores Umbridge.
Ron is affected most particularly, and while wearing the locket he bitterly notices Harry and Hermione spending a lot of time together. As the locket has increased Ron's increasing worry for his family and the fact that they have still not found another Horcrux yet, he lashes out at Harry and abandons the two in the wilderness after Hermione is forced to pick Harry over Ron. Hermione saves Harry and the two narrowly escape back into the Forest of Dean, where Harry learns his wand is broken.
He quickly retrieves the locket, and the trio successfully escape the Ministry after several wizards notice Harry, who has been deemed an Undesirable. They begin to listlessly wander the countryside, and one day while Harry is pondering the Snitch Dumbledore left him, Hermione tells him that Snitches have flesh memories. Investigating further, Harry discovers the Sword of Gryffindor is at the bottom of the pond. Kreacher, the Black's house-elf, tells Harry, Hermione, and Ron that the real locket has been in the house, but that it has been stolen by Mundungus Fletcher. Xenophilius then intentionally triggers the taboo on Voldemort's name as ransom for his daughter Luna Lovegood, whom the Death Eaters have captured. Harry meets with Ron and Hermione, and the trio Apparate away, landing in Shaftesbury Avenue in Muggle London. The trio successfully escape back to the forest, where a group of Snatchers are waiting to capture them. Hermione casts a Stinging Jinx on Harry, after which he envisions Lord Voldemort interrogating Grindelwald at Nurmengard. Harry proceeds to open the locket, which in turn liberates a dark force which attacks and isolates Harry, then trying to defend itself by producing illusions of Ron's fears and anguishes, including one in which Harry and Hermione show pure and complete despise towards him before engaging in a passionate kiss.
Although reluctant and emotionally affected by the locket's illusions, Ron ultimately destroys it with the use of the Sword.

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