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Photo of Tom Felton at the premiere of Warner Bros Pictures' Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. This article or section needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality.See How to Edit for help, or this article's talk page. In 1995, Peeves, along with most of the Hogwarts residents, opposed Dolores Umbridge, the High Inquisitor, and pranked her until she was kicked out of the school at the end of the school year. In 1876, caretaker Rancorous Carpe devised an "elaborate trap" in an effort to remove Peeves from the Castle. Professor Eupraxia Mole, Headmistress of the day, agreed to sign a contract with Peeves, so that he relinquished the weapons in exchange for additional privileges (a once-weekly swim in the boys' toilets on the ground floor, first choice on stale bread from the kitchens for throwing purposes, and a new custom-made hat by Madame Bonhabille).
After the Start-of-Term Feast, Peeves appeared to torment prefect Percy Weasley as he led the Gryffindor first years to Gryffindor Tower.
Later in the year, Peeves caught Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Neville Longbottom sneaking around the school after curfew. Harry, Ron, and Hermione once again encountered Peeves in the hallways during their quest to save the Philosopher's Stone. In the autumn of 1992, Peeves crashed a vanishing cabinet over Filch's office, after being persuaded by Nearly Headless Nick, saving Harry from one of Filch's punishments. Some time later, Peeves appeared in a hallway with Harry, where he noticed the two new basilisk victims, Justin Finch-Fletchley and Nearly Headless Nick. In 1993, Peeves appeared before Remus Lupin and his third year Defence Against the Dark Arts class when they were entering the teacher's lounge for a practical lesson. On 31 October, Peeves informed Professor Dumbledore of the Fat Lady's location after her portrait was attacked. At half past four in the morning, Peeves woke Harry Potter up by blowing in his ear, disregarding the fact that the Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff Quidditch match was to be that day. Peeves was shown on the Marauder's Map to entertain himself by bouncing around the trophy room.
His first appearance was before the welcoming feast in the entrance hall, where he dropped water balloons on the students. When Harry was practising the Summoning Charm with Hermione, Peeves appeared and started chucking chairs across the room under the pretence that Harry wanted things thrown at him. Peeves was in the classroom where Harry, Ron, and Hermione were situated shortly after conversing with Sirius about forming Dumbledore's Army.
After the Weasley twins' departure, Peeves began a rampage of ceaseless mayhem by juggling burning torches over the students, dumping a bag of tarantulas onto the Great Hall, and destroying property like never before. When Harry asked Luna Lovegood to attend Professor Slughorn's party, Peeves overheard and started singing a song of his own composition describing the situation.
Shortly after the Apparation lessons, Peeves blocked a door to the Gryffindor Common Room, and wouldn't let anyone pass unless they set fire to their own pants.

During 1996, when Harry Potter was admitted to the hospital wing after suffering a cracked skull when Cormac McLaggen hit him with a bludger, Harry summoned Kreacher to have him tail Draco Malfoy around the castle. In April 1997, after attending the burial of Aragog and getting an important memory from Horace Slughorn, Harry Potter could feel the effects of Felix Felicis wearing off as he escaped back into the castle.
During the Battle of Hogwarts in 1998, Filch (albeit forcibly and only after he was persuaded by Minerva McGonagall) invited Peeves to take part in the defence of the castle. Unlike the overwhelming majority of his colleagues, Peeves has a physical form, though he was able to become invisible at will. Peeves appears like a little man with wickedly slanted, orange eyes, dressed in loud, outlandish clothes including a bell-covered hat and an orange bow tie.
Peeves was more of a chaotic spirit rather than a physical being, but highly different from the other school ghosts. Peeves further annoyed and bothered the Hogwarts community by joining in with whatever current gossip was circulating among students. Peeves did not heed commands from Hogwarts prefects or professors, though Headmaster Albus Dumbledore was an exception. Though he never hesitated to prank them, Peeves appeared to genuinely like Fred and George Weasley.
In 1998, Peeves fought at the Battle of Hogwarts against Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.
The trap was comprised of a bait of assortment of weapons and a vast enchanted bell jar, reinforced by various Containment Charms, which he intended to drop over the poltergeist once he was in place.
Wearing a bright orange party hat and a revolving bow tie, Peeves attended Nearly-Headless Nick's deathday party, where he appeared to be civilised, even though he taunted Hermione Granger for gossiping about Moaning Myrtle. During the feast, Gryffindor ghost Nearly Headless Nick stated that Peeves was enraged at being unable to attend the feast, as decided via ghost's council, and therefore had caused havoc and mayhem in the kitchens, terrorising the house-elves. He threw ink pellets at the trio and others, including Katie Bell, over whom he emptied an ink bottle. It appears that Peeves was actually on friendly terms with the strict Professor McGonagall during this time, due to Umbridge. Kreacher apparated there along with Dobby, with whom he was fighting after Kreacher insulted Harry Potter. Peeves delightedly caused chaos among the Death Eaters by dropping Snargaluff pods on them. He had black hair and compared to the Hogwarts ghosts, he was solid-looking, not pearly white and transparent.[11] He was capable of flight and intangibility, like a ghost, but could also affect solid objects and make himself invisible. Peeves was essentially an embodiment of disorder, and took great pleasure in constantly causing it. Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch waged a constant war with Peeves, and year after year requested the poltergeist be thrown out of the school.

If students were late to class, he would, among other things, drop wastepaper baskets on their heads, pelt them with chalk, or pull the rugs out from under them. Peeves shocked everyone in 1996 when he actually listened to the twins' words, causing countless problems for Dolores Umbridge. Filch never ceased his futile efforts to get Peeves banished from the castle, and Peeves never stopped taunting Filch. Fond of mischief and chaos, he was a constant pain to the school and its inhabitants, especially Argus Filch, the caretaker, as the only ones able to control him were the Bloody Baron and Albus Dumbledore. He "came with the building",[2] and came into existence with the founding of an institution containing a large number of children.
This did not go as planned, as Peeves easily broke through the bell jar and was left armed with several cutlasses, crossbows, a blunderbuss and a miniature cannon. However, once Filch arrived, Peeves did nothing but antagonise him.[3] In October, Ron suspected Peeves to have been the one who released the troll but in truth, it turned out that Professor Quirrell had done it. He performed a song to taunt Harry over the fact that students thought he was the one releasing Slytherin's monster and petrifying the muggle-born students. Peeves was not completely without loyalties, though; during Dolores Umbridge's attempts to take control of Hogwarts in 1996, he showed respect for his fellow troublemakers, Fred and George Weasley.
The one Hogwarts ghost that struck fear in Peeves, in addition to controlling him, was the Bloody Baron.[3] His fear of the Baron was so well known, that in their first year, Harry Potter, under his Invisibility Cloak, was able to drive him away by pretending to be the Baron. The worst case involved him sneaking up invisible, grabbing the person's nose and screeching "GOT YOUR CONK!" However, Peeves was loyal to Hogwarts and proved this in the Battle of Hogwarts where he dropped Snargaluff pods on Death Eaters in mid-air, causing general chaos among their ranks, later showing evident joy when Voldemort was defeated. Peeves has wrought havoc upon Hogwarts for centuries, and was often the cause of ire for various teachers and staff. The Castle had to be evacuated for three days as Peeves amused himself by firing randomly and threatening the students with death. Professor Lupin asked him to remove the gum, but Peeves' only response was a loud raspberry.
Norris in a suit of armour twice, dropped chandeliers and caused general mayhem, which Filch was later responsible for cleaning.
Starting with Hankerton Humble, who was appointed by the Founders themselves, Peeves has traditionally been a pet peeve of every caretaker the school has seen.

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